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Black marble bathroom worktop, the Black & White concept

Apr , 25
Black marble bathroom worktop, the Black & White concept

A black marble bathroom worktop ennobles the interior design as it contributes elegance and sophistication to the space that is difficult to match.

The pairing of black with white brushstrokes has already conquered us all in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A sensational Audrey Hepburn was wearing a little black dress by Givenchy framed by a maxi pearl necklace iconizing a timeless and cosmopolitan look.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Black and white contrast but attract each other at the same time. The combination of both produces one of the most exclusive chromatic binomials, associated with good taste and quality.

A black marble bathroom worktop is an expression of   distinction, but also if you use the black-white concept you will transmit even more refinement. Let’s have a look some examples:

Black Dune black marble worktop

Black Dune is one of the most beautiful black marbles in the world. The white veins create a line of equidistant linear shapes that forcefully furrow its black canvas, transporting us to the feeling of freshness of the water flowing from the waterfalls.

This worktop belongs to a luxury villa in Marbella in which TINO Natural Stone participated, selecting the best natural stone for the different rooms of the house.

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Blue Violet black marble worktop

Black marble bathroom worktop Blue Violet - Encimera de baño de mármol negro Blue Violet

Blue Violet is a black marble with untamed and very expressive veins. Although its surface is smooth to the touch, it seems to have a marked undulating relief that reminds us of a nocturnal landscape from a bird’s eye view.

In the upper image, we see how the designer plays with the beautiful duality between black and white to achieve a space full of personality.

Vulcano black marble worktop

Black marble bathroom worktop Vulcano - Encimera de baño de mármol negro Vulcano

This is a unique piece. Its sober black base and subtle white streaks are dotted with golden glazes that remind us of the sfumato of Renaissance canvases.

The worktop, with the washbasin incorporated in stone, gives the piece an almost sculptural concept.

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Black Dune black marble worktop II

Black marble bathroom worktop Black Dune - Encimera de baño de mármol negro Black Dune

We return to Black Dune to see another beautiful worktop mounted on a black bathroom cabinet.

It should be noted that the designer wanted to cover the upper part of the architrave of the door of the room with the same material to give continuity to the entire concept.

Bathroom in Marquina Black marble

Marquina Black marble bathroom at Hotel Bulgari London - Baño de mármol Negro Marquina en el Hotel Bulgari de Londres

Although in this case the worktop is not made of black marble, this example is worth mentioning.

This is the Bulgari Hotel in London. TINO Natural Stone participated by applying natural stone to the interiors of the exclusive venue.

The bathroom is an impressive example of the magnificent work carried out when it comes to covering walls and floors with Marquina Black, a classic and timeless stone.

Black marble & black natural stone – TINO Natural Stone collection

Black marble Portoro - Mármol negro Portoro
Black marble Vulcano - Mármol negro Vulcano
Black marble Blue Violet - Mármol negro Blue Violet

These are some of the black marbles that TINO includes in its collection.

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