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Book-matched marble: the mirror effect

Feb , 26
Book-matched marble: the mirror effect

A book-matched marble can offer one of the most enchanting results when it comes to natural stone decoration.

With its veins, the stone can create from the most enigmatic to the most beautiful compositions. All we have to do is choose the rock we like and apply the book-match technique.

What is the marble or natural stone book-match technique?

Once the interior architect asks TINO Natural Stone for a book-matched marble composition of a particular stone, the factory specialists starts to work.

First slab Saint Laurent marble bookmatch - Bookmatch de mármol Saint Laurent primera placa

With the participation of the interiors architect, the best possible piece is selected for the book-match cladding to be carried out.

The operators slice the table so that the veins fit together as if they were a reflection of each other. The result creates a mirror effect.

Saint Laurent marble bookmatch - Bookmatch de mármol Saint Laurent

Once both stones have been faced, the surface finish required by the customer is carried out.

At this moment the precise work is critical because a single error of a millimeter can ruin the entire project.

The result must be a harmonious unit in which the veins of both mirror plates fit perfectly.

In the images above we see how one of the specialists in our Macael factory carries out a Saint Laurent marble book-match. It is a semi-precious coppery black marble with a beautiful crystalline background in cocoa tones.  It has fine white streaks touched by random notes of coral color.

Book-match in White Nebula and Saint Laurent marble for a bathroom

Bookmatch de mármol Blanco Nebula - Nebula White marble bookmatch

We see the dry laying that is carried out in the factory so that once the plates arrive at their destination, the technician can place them quickly and correctly.

Bookmatch de mármol Blanco Nebula - Nebula White marble bookmatch

We have looked for the composition that could offer the most beautiful and genuine drawing.

Baño de mármol Blanco Nebula y mármol negro Saint Laurent - Nebula White marble and Saint Laurent black marble bathroom

White Nebula, a white Dolomite marble, has been used for this area of the bathroom. Its homogeneous white base has greyish stripes with liliac touches.

Ducha de mármol Saint Laurent - Saint Laurent marble shower

Here we see an image of the result once the work is finished. In addition to the book-match technique, the designer has used other resources such as mirrors and crystals to further enhance the beauty of these two luxury natural stones.

Outstanding book-match marble wall

bookmatch de mármol - marble bookmatch

Marble or natural stone book-match compositions are used to decorate some of the most outstanding walls.

In the image above we see the reversal of Grey Picasso on the wall that TINO Natural Stone has in its showroom in Marbella.

bookmatch de mármol - marble bookmatch 2

In this occasion, the book-matched marble was realized using the lace of 4 pieces. For that reason, the challenge in precise work has been even more significant compared to those facing only two pieces.

Interiorismo con mármol en el salón - Marble in the living room

The final result is a striking and precious marble wall that leaves no one indifferent.

Outstanding  book-match marble wall with backlighting

Mármol Azul Macauba - Macauba Blue marble

As we have already seen in previous occasions, the selection and work of every single plate begins in the factory of Macael.

Mármol Azul Macauba - Macauba Blue marble 2

Once the pieces were given the finish requested by the interior architect, we proceed to carefully transport them to their destination.

Bookmatch de mármol azul - Blue marble bookmatch

This example is special because, in addition to wearing a spectacular Macauba Blue, the orientation of the book-match was carried out using a vertical direction and not horizontal as in most cases.

In the video, we see how the plates are backlit so that, in addition to fulfilling an ornamental function, they also become an outstanding element regarding the lighting of the room.

Book-match marble, the singularity that unites man and stone

Finally, we cannot forget to publish this example of book-matched marble that arose in our factory in Macael.

Carrying out a mirror composition, the stone uncovered a very realistic portrait of an animal. Guess what animal it is?

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