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TINO Stone Care

Commissioning of marble.

The commissioning of marble and natural stone projects improves the behavior of the material, according to the use to which it will be exposed, and facilitates the daily maintenance tasks.
Puesta en uso de mármol o piedra natural - Commission of marble or natural stone 3

We can not install the same marble and with the same texture and finishes in a kitchen and in a swimming pool. We won’t treat the stone in the same way if the location is indoors or outdoors. The frequency of passage or use, atmospheric conditions and/or humidity of the environment and exposure to the sun or corrosive agents are just some examples that we must consider in order to successfully prepare the marble or natural stone for its usage.

The TINO Stone Care team and TINO R+D+I has a wide set of tools for different conditions, solutions, preventive actions and maintenance of marble and natural stone. This large amount of data allows us to anticipate the events by correctly preparing the commissioning of marble or natural stone.

Practical example.

+ Flooring that combines three types of natural stone, each with different properties.
Loss of its original appearance due to the works carried out.

Objective 1 – Recover the original appearance of the stone: after a work process, the materials differ markedly from their original appearance. They present irregularities caused by the process of installation and finishing of the material (installation flanges, rests of grout, marks, and stains).

Objective 2 – Improve the behavior against staining: the use and transit to which the surfaces will be exposed require a treatment that minimizes its absorption capacity. It is necessary to improve its behavior against staining to resist longer exposure to some agents.

Objective 3 – Facilitate the cleaning and maintenance work: the surface will be prepared to facilitate its maintenance considering the nature of the stone, its texture, the usage it will be exposed to and the volume of people who will transit on it.

Commissioning of marble and natural stone before
Commissioning of marble and natural stone after

Recommended treatments

Smoothing: elimination of all surface irregularities with the latest generation technology. The abrasive treatment to be used is formulated considering the nature of the stone, in order to sear it without generating breakage, scratches or detachments.

+Mashing and grout: evaluation  of the state of the joints and replace them using the appropriate materials if necessary.

+Finishing sequence: once the previous works have been completed, the mechanical finishing process with the abrasive sequence suitable for the aesthetic purpose pursued will be continued. In this case, the sequence that will be used after roughing will be completed for the honed finishing.

Puesta en uso de mármol o piedra natural - Commission of marble or natural stone 4

+TINO Oleo-Hydrophobic Treatment: given the use to which the pavements will be  exposed, the application of an Oleo-Hydrophobic treatment is recommended. It will reduce the absorption of the stone and make it more resistant to staining. The proposed treatment is an exclusive TINO Natural Stone product for marble and natural stone adapted to the needs of each surface, developed specifically for pavements exposed to a high traffic and presenting greater guarantees of durability.

+Finishing treatment: reduction of the surface porosity in an additional way, creating a film on the stone so that it retains its original appearance in perfect conditions. With this treatment, we will achieve a homogeneous glaze that will enhance the texture of the stone. The level of brightness of this treatment can be adapted to the aesthetic preferences of the client.

The process will be carried out in situ, using latest generation machinery and safe products developed by TINO Natural Stone.

TINO Stone Care services.

TINO Natural Stone is the world’s largest specialist in natural stone. In addition to the marble and natural stone commissioning service, TINO Stone Care division also offers:

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