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Hexagonal marble tiles

Aug , 14
Hexagonal marble tiles

Hexagonal marble tiles are taking  this geometric trend one step further in the field of cladding. We can find many hexagonal tile types in the market, but those  made of  marble have the following advantages over the rest:

Natural material

The first and foremost advantage is that they are made of natural stone. These types of tiles are a piece of nature in the interior or exterior  of your project.

Baldosas hexagonales de mármol - Hexagonal marble tiles

They are all different. Natural stone is radically different from synthetic materials because no piece is the same, and the surface has no artificial printings. The subtle variations in the background color and the differences between the patterns of the veins generate unique and unrepeatable coatings: they were created naturally during the formation of the rock.

Marble is timeless

Marble is a noble and timeless stone. It does not get outdated  and resists like no other material over time. These hexagonal pieces are examples of how marble can fit into any environment or style.

Variety of colors, finishes, and textures

There are a large number of types of marble, and  each of them has different chromatic and  granulomere characteristics. For this reason, we do not have to renounce variety when choosing  hexagonal marble tiles.

Baldosas hexagonales de mármol - Hexagonal marble tiles

It is possible to select the perfect marble finish according to the taste of the client as well as according to the use and location of the hexagonal marble tiles.

Custom – made pieces

Hexagonal marble tiles  are custom-made pieces.   Architect or designer can get as  creative as  they want because TINO Natural Stone can carve the tiles according to the requirements of each professional.

Baldosas hexagonales de mármol - Hexagonal marble tiles

As we see in the images in this post, marble also allows the combination of these tiles with wooden planks or laminated floors to divide areas or environments.

Where do these pieces fit in?

Nature, expertise, art, design, and geometry come together to create genuine and fully customized hexagonal marble tiles. They are perfect for both floor and wall coverings.   It is possible to apply these materials in kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, or exteriors such as terrace or  garden.

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