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Honed finish

TINO Natural Stone


Honed finish of marble and natural stone provides a smooth and matt surface.

The result is a soft appearance that is very pleasant to the eye and the touch.

Apomazado de mármol y piedra natural

Unlike the polished finish, this finish does not have a shiny but a very smooth surface.
Mármol crema apomazado - Honed beige marble
Mármol crema apomazado - Polished beige marble

Obtaining the honed finish

The treatment of honed finish of marble and natural stone is achieved with the action of rotating wheels on its surface. The rotating parts are abrasive and have different granularities depending on the result that wants to be achieved.

Recommended uses

This type of finish offers many possibilities thanks to its matt texture. In interiors, the honed finish can be used for both, floors and wall coverings. In exteriors, it can be used in facades.

Which natural stones allow the honed finish?.

Suelo de mármol crema apomazado - Polished beige marble floor

All sufficiently hard natural stones used in coatings can be honed. It should be noted that in addition to the smooth and matt finish, the tone of the surface may be slightly darkened.

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