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Paneles de mármol y piedra natural para gran formato - Marble and natural stone panels for large format

Large format marble and stone panels.

Stonesize is the lightweight, natural, and resistant solution for large format marble and stone panels. A thin layer of natural stone is reinforced by compact and ultra-light materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, or Honeycomb panels.
Mármol y piedra natural para gran formato - Marble and natural stone for large format


Maximum size of 2900 x 1450 mm. Reduced number of joints. Perfect book match.


Minimum thickness of 5 mm. to 20 mm. The weight is almost three times less than the standard 2 cm.

Mármol y piedra natural para gran formato resistente - Resistant marble and natural stone for large format


Natural stone skin + ultra-resistant materials: fiberglass, aluminum, or Honeycomb.


Projects in 100% natural stone with previously unthinkable sizes

Easy to assemble and disassemble

The low weight of the marble and stone panels for large formats reduces installation times due to their ease of handling. The installation costs are also reduced thanks to its fast fixing system.

Stonesize panels can be easily removed for cleaning or transport.

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