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Large format porcelain? Switch to natural stone 2900 x 1450 mm

Jul , 21
Large format porcelain? Switch to natural stone 2900 x 1450 mm

Large-format porcelain, especially imitating stone, has been used until now because there was no natural alternative. However, Stonesize nowadays offers ultra-lightweight, ultra-resistant natural stone panels with the same performance as large-format porcelain.

Equal thickness and weight, different aesthetics

Large-format porcelain tiles are in high demand thanks to their low thickness and lighter weight. The main drawback is that they are an imitation of natural stone which does not quite fit in premium projects. It should not be forgotten that the veins are printed in series and on large scale on thousands of identical slabs. The final result is far from the unique essence of natural stone.

As a quality solution for projects such as unique facades or luxury interiors, at TINO we offer Stonesize, which allows large format cladding using ultra-light and 100% natural stone panels. Stonesize reaches the same thicknesses and sizes as large format porcelain but with even lower weights (20 kg / m2 or less depending on the type of stone).

The aesthetics and unrepeatable result of each Stonesize natural stone panel is unique and cannot be compared with the serial imitation of large-format porcelain.

Authenticity: marble, onyx, quartzite, limestone, and calcite for large formats

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The Stonesize ultra-light natural stone collection is rich and varied in stone types and colors. For example, we can find Onyx, perfect for large format backlighting, luxury marbles such as Calacatta or Portoro, and an endless number of stones ranging from the most neutral tones of limestone to the most extravagant colors of quartzite.

More finishes and textures than with porcelain

TIpos de acabados de mármol y piedra natural - Types of marble and natural stone finishes

Natural vs. artificial

Each piece of stone is unrepeatable. The uniqueness and expressiveness of a marble panel are unparalleled. Its veins have been drawn by nature in a completely random way. It is impossible to produce identical natural stone slabs in series. The marbles, onyx, limestone, and quartzite are the result of thousands of years of natural sedimentation and alien to man’s hand. Whoever is looking for a material with an unrepeatable design will resort to natural stone.

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