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Advantages of marble and natural stone exterior claddings and floorings

Aug , 30
Advantages of marble and natural stone exterior claddings and floorings

Marble and natural stone exterior claddings and floorings are suited perfectly for outdoor conditions. Rock originated   by nature, which can be found within the Earth’s crust  as well as  the successive mantles and the core of the interior of our planet.

Rain, drought, humidity, wind, direct sun, and frost are just some of the elements that the stone faces every day in its natural environment.   Thus, its optimal adaptation to exterior cladding is out of question.

What are the advantages of marble and natural stone exterior claddings and floorings?

Fachada ventilada de piedra natural en casa unifamiliar


Stone is a natural material and does not contain toxic or harmful substances.  This is a significant advantage when it comes to installing the cladding or flooring in terraces or gardens.


Coliseo Romano Travertino

The high level of resistance to abrasion and compression guarantee  an extremely long lifetime of the material.  Just by looking at the vestiges of ancient cultures, such as the Greek or Roman, we can get an idea of the ability of the stone to withstand the passage of time.

Integration in natural environments

Mármol escarfilado - Crema Bianco - Split-face marble

Landscaping work involves the use of designs and materials capable of integrating buildings and their exteriors into the surrounding environment. Marble and natural stone exterior claddings and flooring manage to blend in perfectly with the natural environment.

Colour and personality

Tipos de mármol - Marble types

In the post entitled Types of marble, we see a large number of examples of how natural stone can vary at a chromatic level. Each piece of stone is unique, and no two are alike.  The  color tones , the veins or fossils drawings, and all its nuances are exclusive to each piece. For this reason, each cladding is unique.

Multiple finishing options, including anti-slip finishes

TIpos de acabados de mármol y piedra natural - Types of marble and natural stone finishes

In the finishes section of our website, we  highlight the great diversity of finishes for marble and natural stone, from shiny to matt, from rough to aged. For exteriors, we provide non-slip finishes such as Sandblasted, Zero, or Flamed.

The ability to apply a non-slip finish to the natural stone represents an additional advantage to installing it in exterior environments.

Terraza de piedra caliza gris - suelo - Twilight Grey - Grey limestone terrace - floor

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White marble

Mármol Blanco - White Marble

Beige marble

Gray marble

Mármol gris - Gray marble - Grey marble

Black marble

Mármol negro - Black marble

Exotic marble

Mármol exótico - Exotic marble