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TINO Natural Stone


TINO Natural Stone's marble and natural stone textures imprint unique patterns on the surface of the material.

The technology is patented by TINO and uses a roller with a needle head capable of providing unique finishes that respect the stone.

Texturas para mármol - Impronta - Marble textures

Textile touch and aesthetics

It is possible to engrave the surface of the stone keeping its natural structure unchanged

Depending on the configuration we provide one texture or another adapting to the aesthetics required by the customer.

This type of marble and natural stone textures are very pleasing to the eye and the touch. Its success lies in its ability to evoke traditional textiles and combine them with noble materials such as the various natural stones in the TINO collection.

Lavabo piedra natural - Textura Bamboo texture - Natural stone sink
Textura para mármol - Baño - bathroom - Marble texture2

Variety of textures and colors.

It is possible to combine textures with different stones of our collection, very varied in colors and veins.

Lovers of the natural

From a point of view of comfort and well-being, it is worth noting that TINO’s marble and natural stone textures are a 100% natural product.

Respecting the environment

Stone is the best construction product according to LEED classification. It is the most used classification of green buildings in the world. Additionally, natural stone is a fully recyclable product.

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