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Natural stone and marble fireplaces

Dec , 14
Natural stone and marble fireplaces

Marble fireplaces are a decorative element that not only have a functional character but are a great resource when it comes to bringing warmth and elegance to any space.

A fireplace invites you to create pleasant atmospheres around it: relaxation, conversation, reading, thinking over in front of the flames and an endless number of experiences related to well-being.

Kasteel Engelenburg fireplace
Kasteel Engelenburg fireplace

We tend to link marble and natural stone fireplaces to classic or rustic styles for their practical function of transmitting warmth and for their historical inclusion in home environments. However, the versatility of today’s marble fireplaces makes them ideal for the integration into any situation, bringing a touch of uniqueness to even the most avant-garde spaces.

Crema Premium marble fireplace

Chimenea de mármol Crema Premium - Premium Beige marble fireplace

A different criterion of a fireplace, of acutely purified lines reduced to the essential, representing a fusion with the environment and recovering its functional character. In this sense, the selected stone, Premium Beige, contributes to creating this effect with its neutral tone.

The detail of the lower lighting stands out, the warmth which contrasts with the sobriety of the rest of the elements.

Pietra Grey fireplaces

Chimenea de piedra Natural - Pietra Grey - Natural stone fireplace

With this fireplace, still in the process of installation, we can see how the richness of the texture provides a differentiating touch impossible to achieve with other materials that are not natural.

For the front of the fireplace, TINO Natural Stone has used Pietra Grey with a ribbed textile texture, a simple element that makes it a piece of design. An example of how simplicity is chic.

Chimenea de piedra Natural - Pietra Grey 2- Natural stone fireplace

This other fireplace, also in Pietra Grey, presents an entirely different concept. This concept is soberer and emphatic, highlighting the shades of the stone. All of this is achieved with a matt DOMUS aged finish that highlights the veins and color of this stone.

Detail of a Crema Premium marble fireplace

Chimenea de mármol Crema Premium - detalle - detail - Premium Beige marble fireplace

n example of this concept is this Premium Beige marble fireplace. The designer has deliberately played with greys, whites, and cream colors in different materials and textures to add personality to the piece in a display of minimalism.

Royal Travertine Fireplace

The exterior façade is introduced into this interior space where the fireplace merges with the wall leaving all the protagonism to the covering of Royal Travertine marble. The texture in ANTICO finish invites to be touched and adds a natural touch to the whole design.

The locking placement of the stone plates dynamizes each element of this house based on geometric volumes.

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Living room with Premium Beige chimney and Grey Osiris floor

Chimenea de mármol Crema Premium y suelo de Gris Osiris en Marbella - Premium Beige marble fireplace and Osiris Grey floor in Marbella

The combination of cream colors with mole, truffle and grey tones is a real success in this luxury villa in Marbella. Once again we find sober shades in which only a few unique elements stand out. The fireplace, in this case, follows this minimalist line and appears integrated into the space with barely any stridency.

The material selected for the fireplace is once again Premium Beige. The floor features a beautiful natural fossil stone called Osiris Grey.

Blue marble fireplace

Mármol azul Sodalita - Blue marble Sodalite

A singular example of a jewel fireplace where the functionality is only an excuse to create a spectacular canvas of Blue Sodalite. A semi-precious stone also known as “sodium stone” for its high content of this mineral. An authentic whim of Nature appreciated by collectors.

The fireplace of the Ritz-Carlton Moscow Hotel Spa

Ritz Carlton moscow SPA Tino Natural Stone

This dream spa is home to one of the most comfortable heated pools in the world. The chosen material, both for the coverings and the floors, was Crema Bianco, which brings us back to the previous post where we talked about how marble in warm tones contributes to creating cozy atmospheres.

Once again, a fireplace integrated into the wall recovers its functional character and leaves all the protagonism to the stone and its reflection in the water.

Restoration of marble fireplaces

Restoration of marble or natural stone before
Restoration of marble or natural stone after

In this post about marble fireplaces, we could not forget dealing with such an interesting subject as the restoration of old firesides. It is an authentic luxury to be able to count on pieces that refer us to the handcrafted work of long ago.

In some cases, the owner acquires a house with a centenary stone chimney and wants to restore it, in other cases it could be a collector piece which was acquired at the antiques market that needs restoration.

TINO Stone Care is the division of TINO Natural Stone that is in charge of the recovery, renovation, restoration, and general care of natural stone.

In the image above we see the detail of a front of a white marble fireplace that presents yellowish areas, cracks, and fractured areas.

Restauración de chimeneas de mármol - Restoration of marble fireplaces

Thanks to the marble and natural stone restoration techniques used by TINO Stone Care, this fireplace is once again a healthy and beautiful stone, recovering the freshness that allows it to be included in classic, eclectic or even contemporary style decorations.

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