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Marble floor for interiors

May , 29
Marble floor for interiors

Deciding on a particular marble floor is an arduous task due to the variety of textures, colors, qualities, and beauty of each stone.

The possibilities are endless. White marble  represents purity and luminosity, cream marble warmth, beige travertines classicism and tradition, black marble elegance and sophistication. And if we want to be audacious, we can bet on the liveliness of yellow marble or the exotic reminiscences of green marble.

Installing a marble floor

Mantenimiento de mármol y piedra natural - Maintenance of marble and natural stone 3

The type of  usage of the surface is one of the key elements to take into account when installing a marble floor.

The selection of the material, texture, and finish will be made according to the preferences of each designer but also according to the  usage that will be given to the stone and its location.

In the case of floors, the frequency of passage, the conditions of humidity, and the exposure to the sun or corrosive agents will have a decisive influence.

After installation, it is very important to have a marble maintenance protocol made by experts in order to preserve the beauty and the health of the floor.

Black and white marble floor

Black and white marble floor - Suelo de mármol blanco y negro

This beautiful marble floor is located in the hall of the emblematic Villa Padierna Palace, one of the most exclusive hotels in Europe.

The material alternates pieces of Perlino Bianco white marble with pieces of Ebony Black limestone. Both have the FORUM finish, an exclusive finish developed by TINO Natural Stone.

Royal Cream marble floor

Baño con suelo de mármol crema - Cream marble floor bathroom

Pleasant to the eye and to the touch, this Royal Cream marble floor has an elegant FORUM finish. It has softly cushioned edges which add delicacy and volume to the piece and highlight the  nuances of light and shade. In addition, random wear zones are applied to it, which also gives it a slightly aged touch.

The flooring cream harmonizes with the tone of the bathtub to show a warm and welcoming  set.

 Living room with marble floor

A mirror gloss finish has been chosen for this living room floor. It reflects the real space bringing purity, neatness, and diaphanousness.  The stone is a polished Premium Beige marble.

Grey marble floor

Pacific Grey marble floor - Suelo de mármol Gris Pacífico

Pacific Grey marble offers an alternative reading to the language of classical marble. It is a serene grey, but full of personality, inviting to calm and rest.

In this case, we see it in the Nixe Palace Hotel in Mallorca, brilliantly combined with columns covered with Guatemala Green marble.

White marble bathroom

In this room of cottony feeling, space involves us to protect us and make us feel relaxed. The purity of the Iceberg White marble in a satin finish enhances the value of the rest of the elements of the environment without detracting from their prominence.

Marble floor with a wooden look

Tino Natura Collection- Marble floor with a wooden look - Suelo de mármol con aspecto de madera

For those who are looking for the nobility of a stone floor combined with the warmth of the aesthetic of wood, TINO Natural Stone presents its Natura series.

This solution combines harmony and elegance, providing all the benefits of stone, without the disadvantages of wood.

In addition, its textured finish highlights the characteristic grain of this stone offering a very natural look and a very pleasant feel to the touch.

Yellow and cream marble floor

Public establishments, due to their higher traffic, have to consider the physical-mechanical characteristics of the stones, their abrasion coefficient, and their surface finish because their daily maintenance tasks and durability will depend on it.

In this case, the designer chose materials with harmonious and neutral colors, such as Royal Cream marble and Triana Yellow marble. The applied finish was a slightly aged DOMUS.

Yellow and green marble floor

Yellow and green marble floor - Suelo de mármol amarillo y verde

We can see in the image the Triana Yellow marble combined with a beautiful skirting board of Guatemala Green marble. A very traditional mixture of colors in the stone field. The concept of the baseboard at medium height allows the combination with other materials such as wallpaper or stuccoed.

The finish is QUADRO with a smooth, satin finish and rounded edges that give body to the surface.

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