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Marble staircase with lighting

Apr , 20
Marble staircase with lighting

This marble staircase with lighting integrates beauty, monumentality, quality and functionality in a single work.

The staircase, masterfully designed by Tobal Arquitectos, functions as the vertical axis of the space while dressing it with distinction. The result is an ascending symphony of steps accompanied by a glass railing that contributes to maintaining the visual amplitude of the room.

The lighting incorporated under each step provides both aesthetic and functional benefits. Let’s have a look at the masterpiece in detail.

Imposing presence

The lighting and its marble construction transform a purely functional element into a harmonious asset. The light is strategically projected to establish seductive plays of light and shadow,

Generating ambience

Escalera de mármol con iluminacón - Marble staircase with lighting

The staircase itself acts as a luminaire and creates a warm atmosphere around it by adding light.

Marble staircase with lighting: greater security

In purely practical terms, lighting adds excellent safety to the steps. In addition, we do not have to think about lighting the entire room when moving from the upper floor to the lower floor and vice versa: activating the lights on the steps is enough.

Premium Beige marble, a timeless classic

All this would be meaningless if the staircase were not made of Premium Beige natural marble, a stone that stands out for its subtle beige tone homogeneity.

Halfway between white and off-white, this natural stone offers the possibility of creating very bright environments without resorting to pure white. It is the marble of choice for environments of significant differentiation.

This marble staircase with lighting designed by Tobal Arquitectos is an example of contemporary interior design that holistically works materials and compositions to merge pragmatism with elegance and exclusivity.

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