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Marble totem washbasins

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Marble totem washbasins

Marble totem washbasins represent an aesthetic detail that allows granting exclusivity and singularity to the spaces seeking differentiation.

These sculptural pieces of natural stone are a clear example of how to create a cult object with an element that, a priori, must be above all functional.

Temporal, geographical and aesthetic eclecticism

Marble totem washbasins are the result of an extraordinary fusion between different sculptural elements. Each reference belongs to different periods, geographical areas and has its own rituals related to well-being and spirituality.

The influence of Zen Style and the relaxing aesthetics of Japanese fountains is undeniable.  However, Western culture has also enjoyed water-related natural stone containers or fountains for centuries.

In 313 B.C. Emperor Constantine promulgated the Edict of Milan and allowed freedom of religion in the Roman Empire. From that moment Christianity ceased to be persecuted and was fully tolerated. It was at this time that great baptismal fonts carved in stone appeared to carry out the sacrament of baptism, related to spiritual purification.

Finally, we cannot forget the totems.  As a sculptural figure, they have positively influenced the shape of this type of washbasin to the point of sharing the name.

Carved in stone or wood, these works of art gave identity to tribes and cultures of America, Asia or Africa.

Marquina Black marble totem washbasins

Lavabos totem de mármol Negro Marquina - Marquina Black marble totem washbasins

They belong to the luxury hotel Playa del Muro Village in Mallorca. The material used by TINO Natural Stone was the Marquina Black. These convincing pieces of black marble stand out on a white canvas highlighting their incomparable beauty.

Lavabo totem de mármol Negro Marquina - Marquina Black marble totem washbasin

The Black & White concept is a classic for bathrooms that never gets outdated.

Orange Onyx totem washbasin in a luxury villa

Lavabo totem de Ónix Naranja - Orange Onyx totem washbasin

This spectacular work has left nothing to chance. The designer has taken advantage of the translucent properties of Orange Onyx to highlight the beauty of this natural stone. A real jewel washbasin that stands out within an aquatic environment of sober lines and oriental influence. A luxury experience for the senses that predisposes to tranquility and relaxation.

Drains of the Real Café Bernabéu

Lavabos totem de mármol Blanco Macael - Real Café Bernabéu - Macael White marble totem washbasins

The Macael White marble totem washbasins shine in all their splendor thanks to the contrast provided by the Kafe background of our Natura collection. It gives a timeless combination for sober and avant-garde urban spaces.

Lavabo totem de mármol Blanco Macael - Real Café Bernabéu - Macael White marble totem washbasin

In this other case, also integrated into the Real Café Bernabéu, we have opted for a single piece in Macael White surrounded by a wall of Crema Bianco marble tesserae.

Totem washbasins at the Four Seasons Guangzhou Hotel

Hotel Four Seasons Guangzhou.

A semi-precious stone such as Orange Onyx was once again selected to create these jewelry washbasins integrated into a cosmopolitan and luxurious environment.

The light that enters through the immense windows becomes its ally reflecting all its nuances.  This spectacular stone becomes an element full of fantasy that contrasts with the severity of the urban landscape.

The designer has relied on the excellent characteristics of this gem to enhance the uniqueness of the decoration of the renowned Four Seasons Guangzhou.

Hotel Four Seasons Guangzhou.

This image of the pieces shows the forceful personality of each of them. Unique and unrepeatable elements in veins, colors, and nuances that only the whim of Nature can provide.

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