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Marble with gray veins and light background

May , 27
Marble with gray veins and light background

There is a great variety of marble with gray veins. Most of them have a  bright background, although there are varieties of other colors.

The clean aesthetics of a clear base furrowed by grey streaks offers a large number of possibilities for interior design projects. Depending on the style of each work, it is possible to select marbles from subtle grey filaments to more expressive varieties with great movements and thickness in their lines.

Lincoln Memorial Center
Ópera Oslo

The examples below fit like a glove in both classic and contemporary styles. Examples are the Lincoln Memorial Centre, clad in Calacatta Lincoln and the Oslo Opera House, covered in Carrara marble.

Picasso Grey, the pictorial face of nature

Close up marble - Pietra Grey - primer plano mármol - placa

Picasso Grey is a greyish white marble with a pearly background intertwined with a spectacular explosion of veins in mainly grey tones, but also mole and amber.

It owes its name to the famous painter from Málaga because of the unique plasticity of its veins, which open up a world of possibilities for book-match layouts.

Statuarietto and Italian expressiveness

Tabla - Carrara Statuarietto - Slab

The Italian Statuarietto marble has grey lines of varying intensity, some of which include bluish shades. The veins are concentrated in different nuclei produced by their interconnections.

This dynamic marble with grey veins is considered a luxury natural stone of high quality.  Indeed, it was already used in the architecture and sculpture of the Renaissance and Baroque.

Calacatta, the classic beauty


Calacatta is considered one of the most beautiful white marbles in the world.  Highly valued for its singular chromatism, this natural stone has a broken white base and spectacular light grey veins punctually sprinkled with tiny amber and golden notes.

Its extraction location is also Carrara, and next to the Statuarietto and other stones of its environment, it has been the luxury protagonist of the Italian arts of the Renaissance and the Baroque, forming part of numerous colossal projects.

White Nebula and the importance of nuances

Blanco Nebula White

Another beautiful marble with grey veins is the inimitable Nebula White, dolomite that combines very soft tones.  The homogeneous white color of its base presents graceful greyish lines with liliaceous touches in the form of spongy iridescent nebulae.

Calacatta Lincoln, the American classic

Calacatta Lincoln

Calacatta Lincoln is a white marble with glazes in smoky tones. The veins that run through it are thin, defined, and show a gorgeous gray color that occasionally turns silver.

Calacatta Lincoln is an American stone and has this name because of its link with the Lincoln Memorial Centre. This material was chosen to cover this emblematic building in Washington, DC in 1900.

Atenea White, the secret lies in the subtlety

Blanco Atenea White

Atenea White is a dolomitic stone that subtly combines tenuous colors capable of creating a bright and elegant whole.  Its base is creamy white, and soft gray veins run through it. The use of this versatile marble allows to conjugate the perpetual and the modern, fitting in all types of styles thanks to its neutral tones.

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