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Marble with large veins

Apr , 23
Marble with large veins

Marble with large veins is a trend. Marbles with a great expressive force are receiving more and more attention as opposed to homogeneous stones or marbles with discrete veins.

Architects and interior designers who choose marble with large veins for their projects seek to make the most of the unique and unrepeatable play of contrasts that only natural stone can offer.

Bianco Lasa

Bianco Lasa

Bianco Lasa is a white marble that displays thin bluish-grey candles on its surface. This subtle combination of whites and greys intersperses by one or two black and very large veins that stand out clearly.

Each black vein is composed of tourmaline and graphite and becomes the protagonist of the room thanks to its wide and defined line shape.

Harlequin White

Mármol - Harlequin White - Marble

Harlequin White is a black and white marble where an elegant white base intermingles wide black veins with greyish edges.

It is a marble type with thick and linear veins, each one forming a beautiful wavy path. These sinuous patterns generate a visual effect of smooth movements which run across the entire surface.

However, the expressiveness of the stone is not only given by the black and white binomial. Here are some very colorful examples of marble with large veins.

Blue Macaubas

Azul Macaubas - Macaubas Blue

Macaubas Blue is not a marble but a quartzite. We can appreciate a blue color, with a crystalline and semi-precious background that varies between light blue and cobalt tones. It presents some thick glacial white veins that, from time to time, incorporate some small orange striations.

Quartzite is a beautiful stone that is also very resistant to environmental damage and wears. It also presents a highly reduced porosity, which reduces the risk of suffering stains on worktops or other work surfaces.

Sequoia Brown

Sequoia Brown is a crystalline brown marble. In this case, its veins, more than lines, look like striations. Its name comes from its particular aesthetics, capable of reminding us of the bark of the magnificent redwoods from the United States.

The pattern of the drawings generates wide and very marked bands in earth tones and taupe.

Red Revolution

Red Revolutions is another quartzite. This time it’s red and semi-precious. Red Revolution presents a wide range of veins that visually group to form other thicker veins. Amongst all of them, the white, black, and grey ones stand out. Occasionally we also find some veins in orange tones.

The beautiful profusion of lines within the Red Revolution generates such dynamism that they seem to be sculpted into the vivid red base while forming bold bends, curves, peaks, and optical depths.

Dalí Onyx

Ónix Dalí Onyx

This list would not be complete without a sample of onyx. Onyx is famous for the beautifully rippling waters that form their streaks.

Dalí Onyx presents an amazing mixture of warm colors through a drawing with great movement. Lively coral, pumpkin, and orange tones alternate with greyish and ivory lines. The result is a stunning, multi-colored canvas that will capture all eyes.

At the same time, onyx is a translucent rock, and as such it is ideal for natural stone projects with backlighting.

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