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Marble with wood like appearance

Sep , 12
Marble with wood like appearance

The marble with wood like appearance from the NATURA collection by TINO is the result of years of research by our R + D + I department. Our primary goal was to achieve an innovative material offering the warmth and comfort of wood combined with the resistance of stone.

NATURA is an exclusive solution of TINO Natural Stone. It represents the culmination of a work in which Nature and technology come together. A successful way to take advantage of natural resources transforming them into pure design through science and technology.

Through a patented system we achieved a unique product without modifying its natural basis, it is 100% stone. We did not try to imitate the wooden appearance but rather wanted to highlight the uniqueness of the raw material.

Thanks to a special cut of the stone we achieve an appearance of linear veins and tonalities that seem to actually have its origin in a tree rather than in a mountain.

Mármol con aspecto de madera - Marble with wood like appearance

In the picture above we see the deceptively authentic wood- look marble products that TINO has included in its NATURA collection.

Marble with Wengue wood like appearance

The floor of this room shows a beautiful Wengue floor in a honed finish. Although it looks like wood the material is natural stone.

In fact, NATURA is an excellent complement to underfloor heating. The thermal conductivity of natural stone is eight or nine times greater than that of wood, providing a much more efficient use of energy.

Sculptural creations can also use marble with wood-look. These one-piece stacks look like a carving from noble wood.

The warmth of this material is perfect for rooms like the bathroom. In this case, the designer has also used natural stone to coat the walls with our Kafe Neo model.

Another option is this magnificent kitchen counter with integrated sink.

So far, we have seen only indoor applications. But, in the above image,  we can appreciate a marble outdoor façade with wood-look. Outdoors the advantages of using a  stone covering instead of wood multiply.

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Marble with maple wood like appearance

Tino Natura Collection- Marble floor with a wooden look - Suelo de mármol con aspecto de madera

This beautiful floor represents the concept of the NATURA collection like no other. TINO Natural Stone applied a textured finish to Arce, to reinforce the appearance of the wood.

The textured finish consists of a light brushing of the surface. Creating attrition zones and various patterns very pleasant to the touch.

Arce and Wengue at the Phoenix Island Health Resort Hotel

Phoenix Island Health Resort locates in Sanya, in the Chinese province of Hainan. It is often visited by its tropical climate. Its guests arrive looking for relaxation, comfort,  luxuriousness, and refinement.

As the marble supplier in Hainan for this project, TINO participated with its materials covering 70,000 m2 of soil.

Phoenix Island Resort Hinan - Natura collection

In the image above we see some details of the hotel’s coatings. On the left, some ornamental pieces for the floors of the singular areas of the complex. It combines Royal Cream marble with ovals of Arce and Wengue.

On the right, we see the floor of a hotel suite. Both images give an idea of ​​the versatility of marble with a wooden appearance.

If you want to integrate marble with wood like appearance in your project, contact us.