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+i Line: Natura

The beauty of wood with all the properties of stone.


NATURA natural stone collection by TINO creates a warm and comfortable environment, its appearance being similar to that of wood. This look combines harmony and elegance, providing all the benefits of stone, without the disadvantages of wood.

The Natura collection is an excellent companion for under-floor heating, as the thermal conductivity of natural stone is eight or nine times greater than that of timber, resulting in a more efficient use of energy. Numerous tests for impact and slip resistance, as well as thermal conductivity and other variables, have been conducted.

Available Textures.


Only TINO can offer Natura, guaranteeing its exclusivity. Natura is a product created after years of research, with the use of additives and products patented by our company.


Natura offers three different product colors, all of which offer the natural look that reminds us of wood: ARCE, WENGUE, VETULA GRAY, BLACKWOOD.


In TINO we use an exclusive treatment from which we achieve a natural appearance that resembles wood, all without altering the basis of natural stone.


This is a completely natural product, and thus the stone base is not altered. Stone is the most recommended product for construction, according to LEED rating. Natural stone is a recyclable product.