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Natural stone in skyscrapers (interiors)

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Natural stone in skyscrapers (interiors)

Today we are going to analyze the keys to the use of natural stone in skyscrapers. The end consumer tends to reduce the concept of skyscrapers to “steel and concrete”, but these architectural colossuses are much more than that.

Certainly, the structure of these magnificent buildings consists of reinforced concrete and steel. However, the finishing materials are far from the grey and cold look of its interior skeleton.

As we know, the architect plays an important role because following its design, vital factors will be decided, such as:

  • Orientation
  • Location of doors and windows
  • Cooling systems
  • Heating systems

And, these points will define the relationship that the future building will have with the thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and the skyscraper’s own aesthetics. And this is where the natural stone comes into play.

Mármol Blanco Macael - Macael White Marble
Ónix verde - Ónix Esmeralda - Green onyx

Advantages of natural stone in skyscrapers

When the architect and the interior designer decide the materials of the finishes, they have to take into account the functionality of the building, the comfort, and safety of its occupants and energy savings, among others.

For this reason, they are often attracted to natural stone because of its advantages:

  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Incombustible.
  • Natural, not artificial and therefore harmless to health.
  • Imperishable, it does not spoil with the passage of time.
  • Versatile: countless colors, textures, and finishes.

Examples of use of natural stone in skyscrapers

Below we will see three examples in which natural stone has contributed decisively to the quality of the skyscraper. These are real cases in which TINO Natural Stone has participated directly: the Phoenix Island Health Resort in Hainan, the Crystal Tower in Madrid and the Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou.

Phoenix Island Health Resort, Hainan

The challenge was to cover 70,000 m2 of the floor offering the visual warmth and comfort of a resort focused on health.

The architects of this project were Beijing Mad Studio. TINO participated with the beige marble Arce from our Natura collection. The chosen finish was FORUM. With it, we managed to create a warm and pleasant environment with all the advantages of natural stone. Arce looks very similar to wood but does not have its drawbacks.

It is definitely one of the best examples of efficient use of natural stone in skyscrapersGo to the Project page>

Torre de Cristal, Madrid

The Crystal Tower is a 249-meter high skyscraper and 59 floors located in the financial center of Madrid.

This building currently houses thousands of people daily. It is a functional building to which the occupants arrive every day to work. It is full of areas of passage, common areas such as lobbies, corridors or bathrooms. And everything is like the first day thanks to the imperishable character of the natural stone.

The architect of this emblematic building was César Pelli. TINO participated in interiors and bathrooms with Intense Black Granite and Grey Granite, White Calcatta marble and Blanco Macael white marble. Go to the Project page>

Four Seasons Guangzhou

This last example we want to share because in this case natural stone was used both for floors and for utilitarian/decorative elements.

Interior designer Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) worked with architect Wilkinson Eyre combining functionality, aesthetics, and elegance. TINO participated in the paving of the bathrooms with Black Ebony, an elegant black limestone veined with the DOMUS finish. But it also supplied the baths with spectacular stacks of Orange Onyx made to measure and specifically for this famous hotel. Go to the Project page>

Marble supplier at Guangzhou - Hotel Four Seasons - Proveedor de mármol Guangzhou

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