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Macael Awards: Latin America International Award for Wanders & Yoo

The esteemed Premios Macael Jury has bestowed the coveted Latin America International Award upon Wanders & Yoo, an innovative project conceived by the renowned international brand Yoo, materialized in the vibrant city of Panama. This extraordinary work takes the form of two majestic apartment towers, where finishes in natural stone play a fundamental and starring [...]

Pedro Peña Interior Design: Recognized Excellence at the Macael Awards

The Jury of the prestigious Macael Awards has bestowed the Excellence Award upon Mr. Pedro Peña, a renowned interior designer whose remarkable career has left an indelible mark in the fields of architecture, craftsmanship, and design. This recognition has been granted in acknowledgment of his significant contributions to the industry, characterized by a steadfast commitment [...]

Installation of exotic marble fireplaces: unique stone art

The art of installing exotic marble fireplaces is a craft that combines artisanal skill with an appreciation for the unique and luxurious. Each of these masterpieces represents the essence of exclusivity, as unique and unreproducible marble stones are used to create a standout element within a living space. In this article, we will explore the [...]

Exotic quartzite fireplaces: natural elegance for your home

In the world of interior design, the quest for unique and natural elements has become a growing trend. Exotic quartzite fireplaces, particularly the stunning Patagonian quartzite, are at the heart of this stylistic revolution. These stones, composed of large fragments of various minerals, offer an unparalleled aesthetic that can completely transform the ambiance of any [...]

Discovering the elegance of special textures in marble

Marble, a natural masterpiece formed over centuries, is a stone that evokes elegance and sophistication. But what happens when you combine the inherent uniqueness of this stone with special textures? This is where the true magic of design emerges, creating a visual and tactile symphony that captivates the senses. In this exploration of special textures [...]

Marble wall with hexagonal patterns: the sculpted charm that elevates your space

Marble, a symbol of luxury and sophistication in interior design, has maintained its prominence throughout the centuries. Nowadays, a growing trend is the use of marble walls with sculpted hexagonal patterns, combining the natural beauty of marble with the geometric allure of hexagons. In this article, we will explore how this impressive technique has become [...]

TINO Projects: Hotel El Fuerte reopens in Marbella as a five-star establishment

Hotel El Fuerte has reopened its doors in Marbella as an exclusive five-star establishment, after completing an extensive integral remodelling. At TINO Natural Stone, we feel extremely proud to have had the opportunity to participate in this project and contribute to its successful reopening. Located in the heart of the municipality, the building has 266 [...]

Drumelia’s team visits our showroom in Marbella

Drumelia is a prestigious real estate company specializing in the luxury sector, with a highly loyal international clientele. Its reputation as a leader in Marbella's exclusive luxury real estate market is based on trust and a wealth of experience. Drumelia's main priority is to offer exceptional service to buyers, and sellers, so they equip their [...]

Marble fireplace with moldings

A marble fireplace with moldings is a true decoration gem and a sculptural piece that adds elegance and distinction to any home. In the images, we can appreciate a piece that we are working on for a classic style project. Where to place a marble fireplace with moldings? This marble fireplace with moldings is perfect [...]

Salvador González, deputy general manager of TINO Natural Stone, interviewed by Extenda

Extenda, the public company of the Andalusian Regional Government that promotes the internationalization of Andalusian companies and the attraction of foreign investment, visited our facilities to learn first-hand the news of TINO Natural Stone Group. After seeing the work of our natural stone specialists, Salvador González, assistant general manager of TINO, showed the members of Extenda [...]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear customers, partners and readers, As we review our successes as a company this year, we see that we could not have done it without you. Thank you for your trust. Our team wishes you great success in the coming year. TINO Natural Stone

Our blog specialised in marble during 2022

2022 is about to end, and as usual, we would like to offer you a summary of the contents we have published in our blog specialised in marble during the last 12 months. The intention of this blog is no other than to offer relevant information about the marble sector and natural stone in general [...]

Tobal Arquitectos awarded for its excellence at the Premios Macael

The Jury of the Premios Macael 2022 awarded last November 11th the Excellence Award to the Architecture StudioTobal Arquitectos. Established in Marbella in 1980, Tobal Arquitectos committed to using natural stone in its projects from the beginning. This strong link with stone has survived to the present day. The signs of identity of Tobal Arquitectos [...]

Eva Carrasco, from EA3 Architecture, visits our showroom in Marbella

Eva Carrasco, Technical Architect and Interior Designer of reference in Marbella, visited our marble and natural stone showroom. It was a pleasure to have the presence of this great professional with more than 20 years of experience in the construction management of luxury villas, renovation projects of high-standing housing and interior design. The purpose of [...]

Oval marble floor medallion for a large living room floor

This oval marble floor medallion is a bespoke design for one of the projects we are currently working on. Medallions can have various geometric shapes, but in this case, the oval shape was chosen for two reasons: Of course, the customer's requirements and tastes. Since the medallion has a large space to cover, the oval [...]

3D cube-shaped floor in marble mosaic

A 3D cube-shaped floor in marble mosaic combines classical tradition with balance and modernity. Marble mosaics with geometric lines are, in general, ornamental elements of great richness that also represent an exquisite taste for detail and harmony. It is not surprising that a floor of these characteristics usually captures all the attention of those present. [...]

Marble staircase with lighting

This marble staircase with lighting integrates beauty, monumentality, quality and functionality in a single work. The staircase, masterfully designed by Tobal Arquitectos, functions as the vertical axis of the space while dressing it with distinction. The result is an ascending symphony of steps accompanied by a glass railing that contributes to maintaining the visual amplitude [...]

Marble slab packaging at TINO Natural Stone

TINO Natural Stone is not simply a supplier of marble. TINO is a specialist in the application, treatment and maintenance of the health and beauty of natural stone; an example is our TINO Stone Care division and its advances in technology for the care of natural stone. Therefore, procedures such as the packaging of marble [...]

Interview with Antonio Benjumea, CEO at Benjumea Arquitectos

BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS is a multidisciplinary team based in Sotogrande of architects, technical architects, and engineers dedicated to carrying out all types of projects. However, they are specialized in luxury villa projects. One of the main pillars of BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS is experience and quality. This family studio began its journey in 1973 by Manuel Benjumea, currently [...]

Our blog specialized in marble during 2021

2021 comes to an end, and as usual, in our blog specialized in marble, we say goodbye to the year with a summary of the contents published by our specialists during the last 12 months. We dedicate the first block of the summary to the architects and designers we have interviewed this year. We had [...]

Round wooden table with black marble inlay

A piece of wood with a black marble inlay is unusual, and that is just why it stands out from the rest. The round table we are discussing today has a unique charm because of the masterful way its designer has balanced geometries and materials. Squaring the circle The traditional round tabletop takes on a [...]

Crystalline white marble shower

A crystalline white marble shower enclosure brings freshness, beauty, and luminosity to the bathroom. This option will increase the clarity of the room elevating the visual quality independently if the room receives a lot of natural light or if artificial lightening is needed. Whether, or if we have to resort to extra artificial light, this [...]

Interview with the architect Jorge Rincón

Raised in Marbella, Jorge Rincón graduates as architect from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, returning to the Costa del Sol at the end of 2002 to join the prestigious architecture practice MS Design where, during his studies, he did some summer stages and where he begins his career as an architect adopting the compromise with [...]

Pacific Grey marble bathroom cladding – Large formats

A Pacific grey marble bathroom cladding provides uniqueness and distinction in equal parts. The project we are going to see in this article is a creation by Sands Villas, specialist in the design of luxury villas in Marbella. Pacific Grey marble as opposed to the typical and topical The Pacific Grey marble is a natural [...]

Honed Nebula White marble bathroom

This Nebula White marble bathroom became one of the most luminous rooms of the project. The different elements of the bathroom have a total marble look. Washbasins, countertops, shower, walls, and floors were made out of the same stone achieving an enveloping, beautiful, and uniform final effect. Nebula White Marble The marble used for the [...]

Bamboo, the uniqueness of ribbed marble

With the application of a texture such as Bamboo to natural stone, we provide a unique and differentiating aesthetic and touch. An example is this totem basin with a Bamboo texture of ribbed marble. TINO Natural Stone has a patented technology that allows us to apply unique textures to the stone, capable of enhancing its [...]

Bathroom: marble niches

Marble niches for the bathroom are a trend in interior design. In the bathroom, they are usually placed on the walls of the shower, which are also made of marble. Dual function: aesthetic and functional As with other design elements of natural stone, we see again a piece that fulfills a dual function: it is [...]

Beige marble bathrooms in contemporary style

Contemporary beige marble bathrooms combine modernity with a natural color palette. The days of beige marble bathrooms with colorful moldings and ornate profiles are gone. Today prevail refined lines with that warm touch that only beige marble can offer. A trendy option for interior designers looking for luminosity without resorting to white is our Premium [...]

Interview with Pedro Ayora and Ana Salinero, co-founders of INHABIT

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Pedro Ayora and Ana Salinero, co-founders of INHABIT. This young studio has managed to stand out nationally and internationally with only four years of life. Their creations are of exquisite singularity combining unconventional materials while always finding the right balance between elegance and nature. + On your website, [...]

How to protect a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces?

It is essential to focus on prevention when protecting a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces. Only once it is clear how to avoid future damage to the stone, we can effectively address the maintenance strategy. Is every surface protected the same way? The answer is no. Each material is its own world, and [...]

The TINO’s marble and natural stone blog in 2020

2020 has been a different year in almost every professional sector. However, at TINO, we have put every effort in continuing to offer quality content about natural stone also in times of the pandemic. Below is a summary of the articles we have published during this year. We are looking forward to starting 2021 with [...]

Cleaning a marble floor terrace after construction work or renovation

Cleaning a marble floor terrace after construction work or renovation is usually underestimated. If we want the floor to remain beautiful and healthy, we must involve a natural stone care specialist. We are not talking about a mere sanitation of the stone. A classic domestic cleaning does not work. We must ask an expert to [...]

Marble and onyx in Villa Cullinan by TINO Natural Stone

As experts in natural stone, TINO Natural Stone has participated in the construction of Villa Cullinan, the brand-new luxury residence in La Zagaleta (Marbella), the most iconic enclave of the Costa del Sol. Created by Tobal Arquitectos, Villa Cullinan was born to project "the best new property in Marbella," aspiring to excel   in terms of [...]

Interview with Raquel Oliva, creator of the Sahara collection of ultralight stone lamps

We interviewed Raquel Oliva, Vice President of Oliva Iluminación, a reference company in lighting with more than 75 years of history that collaborates with the best designers and architects in the country to realize luxury spaces. With a degree in International Business from the University of Richmond and an Interior Design Master, Raquel Oliva joined [...]

Quartzite types for architecture and interior design

There are many quartzite types for architecture and interior design. Each variety presents a spectacular beauty. Below, we will see how they are formed, benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality and, their classification by color. Quartzite formation Quartzite is a metamorphic rock which is the result from the transformation that quartz sandstone undergoes due [...]

Solution for marble oxidation

When a yellowish stain appears on a kitchen or bathroom countertop due to marble oxidation, the owner tends to think of irreparable damage. However, fortunately, there is a solution. Also, we could be thinking that the piece of marble is defective, but this doesn't have to be the case.   Hereafter, we explain the main cause [...]

Solid travertine bathtub: a unique sculpture at home

A solid travertine bathtub is a timeless piece that brings nature, warmth, beauty, and distinction to your home. In order to obtain this type of unique bathtub, at TINO Natural Stone we almost entirely handcraft it achieving exceptional finishes. Down below, we explain the phases of the production of a solid travertine bathtub. We start [...]

Cleaning of marble after construction or refurbishment

The cleaning of marble after construction or refurbishment goes far beyond the mere sanitization of the stone. In this case, domestic cleaning systems, do not work because a much more thorough process is required, this process is called Commissioning. During construction or refurbishment, a series of harmful agents are accumulated and embed themselves into the [...]

Interview with Chus Fernández, Technical Architect and Interior Designer

Born in Madrid, living in Marbella, and with 100% Cordoba blood, she studied Technical Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and was awarded the Third National Award for the Completion of Studies by the Ministry of Education and Science in 1995. She completed her training with a Master's Degree in Interior Design and Project [...]

Large format porcelain? Switch to natural stone 2900 x 1450 mm

Large-format porcelain, especially imitating stone, has been used until now because there was no natural alternative. However, Stonesize nowadays offers ultra-lightweight, ultra-resistant natural stone panels with the same performance as large-format porcelain. Equal thickness and weight, different aesthetics Large-format porcelain tiles are in high demand thanks to their low thickness and lighter weight. The main [...]

Natural stone in Mediterranean style

Including natural stone in Mediterranean style is like creating a beautiful harmonic circle where everything fits together. Sea, sand, sun, and breeze are maritime environment elements that invite the senses to enjoy. Natural stone enhances every sensation like no other material. In today's article, we will go over some of the projects that we have [...]

Types of limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed mostly of calcium carbonate. The stone can be formed by a hydrological process, dissolving calcium carbonate in carbon dioxide, or by a biological process, accumulating calcium carbonate through fossil sediments. The result of both processes gives rise to a large number of types of limestone, as shown in the [...]

Marble with large veins

Marble with large veins is a trend. Marbles with a great expressive force are receiving more and more attention as opposed to homogeneous stones or marbles with discrete veins. Architects and interior designers who choose marble with large veins for their projects seek to make the most of the unique and unrepeatable play of contrasts [...]

Quartzite is a trend in interior design

Quartzite is a trend thanks to the chromatic and visual diversity it offers as well as thanks to its general visual perception. Similar, but not identical to the aesthetics of marble, quartzite is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of quartz. Some the quartzite slabs are opaque, others are translucent, and others again combine both characteristics [...]

Polishing a marble floor respecting the stone

When customers decide to polish a marble floor, it can be for several reasons: maybe they want to change the finish in situ, or remove stains and scratches, or simply restore the lost shine. How does the system to polish marble floors work? The polished finish treatment on marble and natural stone is achieved by [...]

TINO’s marble and natural stone blog during 2019

Another year, our marble and natural stone blog ends December with a summary of everything we published throughout 2019. However, before we start, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who follow us and read us every day. Also, we would like to dedicate a special mention to the team of specialists [...]

Interview with Antonio Mateos, Head of R & D at TINO Natural Stone

We interviewed Antonio Mateos, Head of the R & D at TINO Natural Stone. Antonio is a Senior Industrial Engineer, specializing in Mechanics, Executive Master in Business Management, Executive MBA. He is a University Expert in fields such as fracture analysis and fatigue resistance in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and risks in explosive atmospheres. Antonio [...]

Treatment of fungi and bacteria by moisture in marble and natural stone

Today we will talk about the treatment of fungi and bacteria by moisture in marble and natural stone using a real case. How do bacteria and fungi appear in the stone? Moisture originated by water leaks or inundations can favor the appearance of colonies of fungi and bacteria capable of altering the natural stone. If [...]

Types of drawings and veins in marble and natural stone

The different types of patterns and veins in marble and natural stone give a unique personality to each variety and even to each piece. As if it were a fingerprint, each type of marble or stone has a different pattern, and in addition, depending on the place and time of extraction, this pattern can be [...]

New website for Stonesize by TINO®, the ultralight stone brand of TINO Natural Stone

Stonesize by TINO® has a new website. TINO Natural Stone's ultralight natural stone brand improves the physical-mechanical properties of natural stone so it can be installed  in places where the minimum possible weight is required. Stonesize by TINO® consists of a  thin layer of natural stone, reinforced with ultra-light composite materials and HoneyComb. It reduces [...]

Advantages of marble and natural stone exterior claddings and floorings

Marble and natural stone exterior claddings and floorings are suited perfectly for outdoor conditions. Rock originated   by nature, which can be found within the Earth's crust  as well as  the successive mantles and the core of the interior of our planet. Rain, drought, humidity, wind, direct sun, and frost are just some of the elements [...]

Installation of marble and natural stone floors and walls: three essential tips

Mastering the installation of marble and natural stone floors and walls requires years of learning. Each natural stone project is different and to obtain the best result, it is necessary to know the material and foresee its future behavior, once installed. At TINO Natural Stone, we have expert professionals capable of facing the challenges of [...]

Five advantages of marble cladding

Today  we are  going to discover  the reasons why marble cladding is the most tangible value option for your home or business. A fruit of nature Marble is a beautiful natural stone created  via  metamorphic processes of sedimentary rocks. The presence of minerals such as silt, sand, clay, mica, graphite, magnesium silicates or iron oxides, [...]

Hexagonal marble tiles

Hexagonal marble tiles are taking  this geometric trend one step further in the field of cladding. We can find many hexagonal tile types in the market, but those  made of  marble have the following advantages over the rest: Natural material The first and foremost advantage is that they are made of natural stone. These types [...]

Types of marble

Marble is a rock made of calcium carbonate which has been exposed to a natural recrystallization process. Marble is being created by the transformation of other stones through the action of high temperatures and intense pressures. As a result of this process new minerals, textures, and structures give rise to a large number of different [...]

TINO Design Networking event, 5th edition

TINO Natural Stone celebrated last Thursday, June 27th, the fifth edition of TINO Design Networking. The event took place at TINO's headquarters in Puerto Banús, Marbella. The world's largest Networking event for design and construction at the Costa del Sol The annual event is unique due to its high volume of visitors; on this occasion, [...]

Interview with the interior designer Alison Bethell-Collins

Her hometown is Windsor, England, but she studied Art & Design in Florence before working for a short time in London. She then went to live in Bali for a year, which is an inspirational place and came to live in Marbella in 1979. She loves Marbella – it has been her home for 40 [...]

Next celebration of #TINODesignNetworking 2019

TINO Natural Stone will celebrate the 5th edition of #TINODesignNetworking, the event of reference for natural stone applied to architecture and interior design, on June 27th. The evening will take place in our showroom in Marbella, and like every year, we will show our gratitude to all partners who are part of the TINO family. [...]

Technical aspects for the selection of natural stone floors

When we consider installing a natural stone floor in a project we must pay attention to two significant aspects: Everything related to aesthetics, tastes, and design requirements. The type of use we are going to give to the pavement. In this post, we are going to focus on the second point because this is where [...]

Marble with gray veins and light background

There is a great variety of marble with gray veins. Most of them have a  bright background, although there are varieties of other colors. The clean aesthetics of a clear base furrowed by grey streaks offers a large number of possibilities for interior design projects. Depending on the style of each work, it is possible [...]

Interview with the architect Ismael Mérida

The architecture firm, Ismael Mérida Arquitectos, based in Marbella, was created in 1996 by Ismael Mérida. Today we spoke to its founder. The firm has a multidisciplinary team that encompasses all fields of architecture. Geographically the architecture firm’s activity is concentrated in the Costa del Sol and has projects spread all over Spain, Lisbon, Casablanca, [...]

Use of marble in exteriors

Marble in exteriors is used much more often than commonly believed. It is a 100% natural material that brings beauty, quality and elegance to terraces, swimming pools, façades and was even used for the paving of some of the most emblematic boulevards on the planet. Marble in exteriors with cement effect The material used to [...]

Non-slip finishes for marble and natural stone

Non-slip finishes for marble and natural stone are applied to floor coverings to prevent users from slipping. They are especially useful in spaces with swimming pools, bathrooms or other places that for some reason can get wet and the surface becomes slippery. Anti-slip floors are usually related to artificial materials or materials of poor quality [...]

Combination of marble and wood in luxury hotels

The combination of marble and wood in luxury hotels is a winning bet when seeking to promote the use of 100% natural materials. There are marbles of all colors and shades. In our collection, it is possible to find many examples of white marble, beige marble, grey marble, black marble or even the semiprecious exotic [...]

Interview with José Carlos Gálvez, Head of design at TINO Natural Stone

Industrial Technical Engineer and Graduated in Design and Product development at the Alfonso X University of Madrid, Master in Concept Design and Product Development at the Elisava University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona, and Master in Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Design (specialty 3D design). José Carlos Gálvez is Head of design at TINO [...]

Marble and natural stone showroom in Marbella

The marble and natural stone showroom in Marbella by TINO Natural Stone, located in Puerto Banús, is the reference when it comes to finding surfaces for architecture and interior design. All imaginable solutions in the field of natural stone Tino Natural Stone showcases in this space rich samples of natural stone from all corners of [...]

Six reasons why marble increases the value of a property

Timeless, versatile and more eclectic every day, marble increases the value of a property, whether it is an old building or a modern one. All you have to do is rely on a trusted architect or interior designer to transform your investment into a success. The timelessness of stone, an enduring concept in the world [...]

Black limestone in interiors

The use of black limestone in interiors is a statement of intent in terms of chromatic intensity. Black limestone competes in expressivity, force, and elegance with the black marbles, being able to dress the most exclusive environments. Additionally, it is currently a trend in interior architecture, especially for those projects that seek differentiation through exoticism. [...]

Harlequin marble floor

We could say that the harlequin marble floor is closely related to the chess marble floor. However, instead of presenting a checkerboard format, the harlequin allows for certain creative licenses. "Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience." Paul Cezanne. Harlequins were often represented by the avant-garde artists of the late 19th [...]

Book-matched marble: the mirror effect

A book-matched marble can offer one of the most enchanting results when it comes to natural stone decoration. With its veins, the stone can create from the most enigmatic to the most beautiful compositions. All we have to do is choose the rock we like and apply the book-match technique. What is the marble or [...]

Natural stone with fossils for interior design

Most types of natural stone with fossils currently used for interior design are limestone. Limestones are sedimentary rocks mainly formed by calcium carbonate.  In some of them, there are carbonate remains of fossils that allow us to know in which geological epoch they were created. These preterite organisms make these stones very attractive aesthetically: -They [...]

Grey limestone projects: beauty, personality, and exclusivity

Grey limestone projects are a trend in interior design and architecture thanks to the rise of ash and taupe tones, and the original natural textures of limestone. The expressive power of grey limestone competes with grey marbles and has now achieved great relevance in the world of design. It is an ideal material when it [...]

Marble with golden veins

Marble with golden veins embodies everything that gold transmits and that the human being has valued century after century up to the present time. Beyond the foreseeable connotations that the use of gold entails, the color of the most appreciated metal in the world conveys great universal concepts. The quality of a product is usually [...]

Outstanding marble walls

Outstanding marble walls confer a unique accent to any architectural space. Until now marble cladding has been restricted to limited applications. It is used especially in areas such as bathrooms where along with the aesthetic importance the practical value of the material is appreciated. Nowadays, renowned interior designers take these applications out of their context [...]

White limestone for interiors and facades

In addition to the white marbles, another natural stone of great importance in the world of interior design is the white limestone. As we have seen in the posts White marble in luxury interiors and White marble surfaces, white marbles are materials that create diaphanous and timeless spaces ideal for applying any decorative concept. Nevertheless, [...]

Chess marble floor in interior design

The chess marble floor is a timeless design that has accompanied us since ancient times. Nowadays, it is still a widely used resource in interior design for both classic and contemporary environments. The first references to this type of floor come from the ancient Egypt. It is a design that has always been charged with [...]

TINO’s marble and natural stone blog in 2018

Many readers have written to congratulate us on our marble and natural stone blog. With this last post of the year, we want to thank all of you following and reading us every day. Also, we take the opportunity to highlight the work of the team of TINO specialists which is the basis for the [...]

Interior design with marble in the living room

Interior design with marble in the living room is a significant challenge for any professional. The challenge consists in acknowledging that when working with a natural product it is necessary to correctly assess its technical and aesthetic characteristics. A good selection of the stone for the living room assures a relevant qualitative added value. Marble [...]

Natural stone and marble fireplaces

Marble fireplaces are a decorative element that not only have a functional character but are a great resource when it comes to bringing warmth and elegance to any space. A fireplace invites you to create pleasant atmospheres around it: relaxation, conversation, reading, thinking over in front of the flames and an endless number of experiences [...]

Marble in warm tones

Marble in warm tones is a common resource for interior design when we are seeking to create cozy and elegant spaces, but without renouncing the aesthetic force of the natural stone. The chromatic palette covered by the varieties of marble in warm tones can range from broken white, cream, beige or ivory to pale yellows, [...]

Customized marble bathroom countertops

Customized marble bathroom countertops offer an advantage to interior design that few materials can provide. They offer the possibility to apply an infinity of tailor-made models, textures, and types of stone. Customized marble bathroom countertops combine beauty, functionality, and resistance, offering unlimited possibilities for interior design. In front of the bathroom mirror, we carry out [...]

Marble dry laying

Marble dry laying is a technique used to perfectly arrange each unique marble slab in a project. During the dry laying process, our factory specialists choose the best position for every single tile mimicking its final destination. It is like carrying out a preliminary test of the installation. One of the primary values of natural [...]

Marble in the hospitality sector

Marble in the hospitality sector is an essential element used by architects and interior designers. In many cases they reinterpret marble elements in order to adapt them to nowadays aesthetics. Marble in the hospitality sector, never gets out of date, it prevails and sets the trend. Nowadays, the modernity and versatility of the most contemporary [...]

White marble surfaces

White marble surfaces provide luminosity, class and great versatility with regards to tones and finishes. So when we talk about white marble, we don't necessarily have to think about chromatic uniformity. We already mentioned Coco Chanel in the post "Black marble for luxury interiors" for its clairvoyance in presenting black as a symbol of elegance. [...]

Marble totem washbasins

Marble totem washbasins represent an aesthetic detail that allows granting exclusivity and singularity to the spaces seeking differentiation. These sculptural pieces of natural stone are a clear example of how to create a cult object with an element that, a priori, must be above all functional. Temporal, geographical and aesthetic eclecticism Marble totem washbasins are [...]

Marble in congress palaces and fairgrounds

Marble in congress palaces and fairgrounds is the best option when the space aims to transmit an image of modernity and tradition at the same time. One of the challenges large capitals are facing is to be selected as the venue for international congresses from different sectors.  To achieve this goal, the administrators strive to [...]

Marble mosaics and natural stone compositions

Marble mosaics are a rich ornamental element and represent an exquisite taste for detail and harmony. Historically, the mosaic technique has a great artistic tradition. It was generalized in the different ancient cultures settled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its golden age developed during the Roman and Byzantine empires, of which we are [...]

Natural stone staircases in interiors and exteriors

Natural stone staircases transmit robustness and elegance. Their steps made of stone combine beauty and resistance with a material extracted 100% from Nature. One of the most significant advantages of natural stone is that it allows the realization of unique and singular pieces. This element is ideal when designing a staircase. It is also a [...]

Natural stone in airport terminals

Using natural stone in airport terminals is one of the biggest challenges that a natural stone supplier can face. Airport terminals are public spaces of maximum confluence where the need of aesthetic, comfort and modernity are combined with requirements of functionality and durability. Designing newly constructed airports or extensions of terminals of existing airports is [...]

Marble lobbies in luxury hotels

The marble lobbies in luxury hotels are one of the most significant and relevant areas. The reception is a welcoming place and the area where the hotel's management wants to project an excellent first image. So all the aesthetic and conceptual efforts are poured into this space. Marble is a symbol of elegance, versatility and, [...]

Marble showers, the bathroom paradise

Marble showers are the result of changes in the current lifestyle, new trends in design and the preference of natural materials by consumers. Although we also see rising popularity of marble bathtubs, marble showers are generating the most significant demand in the market. There are several reasons for this trend: Marble is a 100% natural material [...]

Marble with wood like appearance

The marble with wood like appearance from the NATURA collection by TINO is the result of years of research by our R + D + I department. Our primary goal was to achieve an innovative material offering the warmth and comfort of wood combined with the resistance of stone. NATURA is an exclusive solution of [...]

Marble in Madrid in luxury projects

The use of marble in Madrid has strong traditional roots that go back to the distant past. From then until today, marble has been used for luxury interior design projects and for emblematic buildings, both public and private. Just walking through Madrid we can appreciate many references on facades of buildings belonging to various historical [...]

Marble stairs

Beyond its practicality, marble stairs radiate sophistication no matter where they are located. We find them in luxury residences, hotels, shopping centers, museums, and theaters. Marble stairs cannot be missing in any design that has good taste as a priority. Marble is a natural stone, noble, firm, and in a certain way, traditional. For this [...]

The solution for marble with yellow stains

As we already explained in our sections of recovery, renovation or restoration of marble, the solution for marble with yellow stains will depend on the cause of the pathology. We will not treat in the same way a marble in an interior area with yellow spots caused by a leak of water compared to a [...]

Marble bathtubs

Marble bathtubs are one of the most appreciated spaces in our homes. Associated with a special moment of the day, during which the time stops and we are entirely dedicated to ourselves, take a bath and relax. Water is the essential element of life and the act of bathing is a ritual of beauty, health, [...]

Backlit Onyx

The elements of backlit onyx provide a seductive and fantastic character to those interiors in search of differentiation. The translucency of this gemstone is simply fascinating as it is even capable of conducting natural light. In the image, we see an Orange Onyx iron in front of one of the windows of the TINO Natural [...]

Classic decoration with Travertine marble

Classic decoration with Travertine marble is a timeless and elegant trend, capable of reinterpreting typical antique elements and adapting them to the aesthetics of today. Architects and interior designers from all over the world use Travertine again and again in environments where natural materials prevail which, in a way, connect us with primal experiences of [...]

Marble in shopping centers

Marble in shopping centers adds value to the environment as it is always synonymous with luxury and distinction. When designing these centers of leisure and shopping designers pursue to create beautiful spaces in which visitors can walk while enjoying a pleasant and satisfying experience. Therefore, design always has to be very focused on aesthetics, but [...]

To repair damaged marble

When we repair damaged marble, it is because we have a surface that has deteriorated due to the passage of time, misuse or due to other external causes. A terrace covered with marble suffers day after day the sun rays, rain or humidity, frost, wind, etc. An interior room with marble walls or floors can be [...]

Marble porches, the best outdoor shelters

Marble porches are one of the most peaceful areas of the house. If on top they are covered with a material as noble as marble, the aesthetic quality of the place becomes unmatched. An ideal place to live special moments, in good company, by candlelight or alone with a good reading, sheltered from the rain [...]

Marble kitchen

Marble  kitchen is a versatile, practical and attractive option, and not only for the work area, such as countertops but also for wall and floor coverings. Marble kitchens always transmit a taste for the timeless, the natural and practical but also suppose an added aesthetic value that translates into an economic revaluation in any type [...]

TINO Design Networking 4th edition celebration

TINO Natural Stone celebrated the fourth edition of “TINO Design Networking” last Thursday, June 28th. The event took place in the recently renovated TINO headquarters in Puerto Banús, Marbella. It brought together more than 400 national and international professionals in the field of architecture and interior design. The  attendees learned from  our team of experts [...]

Travertine terrace

A travertine terrace is a perfect choice to create a space for recreation and leisure. A material like travertine marble is very practical  due to its neutral colors and endless possibilities of textures and finishes but also  adds a refined, relaxed and timeless style to any outdoor space. The type of cut made in the [...]

Marble bathrooms

Marble bathrooms are a trend and have come to stay for a long time. The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house.   In it we take care of ourselves, we heal and beautify; nothing better than a natural stone as noble as marble to enhance our well-being. Marble bathrooms’ finishes In addition to [...]

Marble in Marbella through its luxury homes

Marble in Marbella represents an architectural and decorative tradition linked to luxury, quality and classic beauty. We are currently experiencing a boom in the incorporation of this natural stone in luxury homes. However, the use of marble in Marbella  has its roots in a long time ago. The Roman baths of Las Bóvedas, at the [...]

Exotic marble walls in luxury interiors

Integrating exotic marble walls into luxury interiors is the result of a refined search for the taste to travel and the adventurous spirit. It  expresses a, somewhat hedonistic, desire  to enjoy unique, evocative and very personal environments. But who can resist the search for beauty? It is something innate in the human being. And thinking [...]

Marble floor for interiors

Deciding on a particular marble floor is an arduous task due to the variety of textures, colors, qualities, and beauty of each stone. The possibilities are endless. White marble  represents purity and luminosity, cream marble warmth, beige travertines classicism and tradition, black marble elegance and sophistication. And if we want to be audacious, we can [...]

Six marble outdoor pools

Marble outdoor pools invite you to relax and let yourself enjoy the senses in a stimulating and natural environment. The following selection of pools has a common denominator: to create unique environments in which time flows unhurriedly and where the stone coating is the protagonist. In today's post, we will immerse ourselves in the best [...]

Travertine outdoor flooring

Travertine outdoor flooring enriches the environment with classicism without giving up modernity. Its tones, ranging from broken white and cream to dark beige, bring warmth to spaces of any style, from the most profuse to the most minimalist. Renowned architects and designers are attracted by such a chameleon-like material due to its many applications, textures, [...]

Onyx walls, the perfect union with nature

Onyx walls for interior architecture represent one of the most desired  pursuits of designers: to merge the interior with Nature in order to transmit its essence and beauty through its organic and  unpredictable forms. Onyx has an intrinsic sculptural concept, each piece is unique as if it was a fingerprint. It gives an aesthetic and [...]

White marble in luxury interiors

White marble in luxury interiors enriches the environment with luminosity, purity, and elegance . White goes with everything and works like a canvas, making it easy to include decorative elements of any color or style. "Every morning the world is a blank sheet of paper waiting for the children, attracted by its brightness, to come [...]

Black marble bathroom worktop, the Black & White concept

A black marble bathroom worktop ennobles the interior design as it contributes elegance and sophistication to the space that is difficult to match. The pairing of black with white brushstrokes has already conquered us all in Breakfast at Tiffany's. A sensational Audrey Hepburn was wearing a little black dress by Givenchy framed by a maxi [...]

Travertine interior flooring

Travertine interior flooring is to floors what linen is to clothing, leather is to accessories or pearls are to jewelry. It is a natural stone that, without losing its validity, is capable of transporting us to remote times in which all the materials were worked in a handmade way. In the images above we see [...]

Marble in luxury homes

Installing marble in luxury homes has many advantages, being the increase in value of the property, the most important one. Many high-quality residential projects are not only looking for the best materials for owners to enjoy while living on the property. They are also highly appreciated for their ability to enhance the attractiveness in terms [...]

Ventilated façade in natural stone

A ventilated façade in natural stone brings great advantages to the building and provides tangible added value. This system offers a complete answer to all the requirements that a façade must meet, both technically and aesthetically, and represents significant energy savings for homes. Removal of the thermal bridge The natural stone covering creates an intermediate [...]

Natural stone walls (interiors)

Natural stone walls are a great resource for architects and interior designers that are looking for the connection between space and nature. As if they were sculptors, this versatile material allows designers to give a different shape to each interior according to their objectives and needs. For this reason, the varieties, colors, textures, and finishes [...]

Seven marble indoor pools that are a marvel

The marble indoor pools contribute to the well-being of the body and mind. Many luxury hotels choose this material because of its great beauty and its ability to cover in an elegant way the spaces for relaxation and health. Architects and interior designers decide to apply natural stone in this type of environment because of [...]

Marble floors in hotel rooms: four real projects

Due to its exclusivity, it is often difficult to find marble floors in hotel rooms. Today there are many solutions to cover floors but none offers the comfort, elegance, versatility, and resilience of a good marble floor. Marble floor ennobles Classical sculptures, renaissance palaces, great cathedrals, Arab fountains or Greek temples have been built in [...]

Black marble for luxury interiors through four examples

We are currently seeing a rebound in the use of black marble for luxury interiors. This eternal, beautiful and elegant material is today reinterpreted by architects and interior designers throughout the international scene. The black color as a symbol of elegance Black is a color associated with elegance, luxury, and sensuality and owes its halo [...]

Six interiors in natural stone that take your breath away

The interiors in natural stone leave nobody indifferent, but the corners that we are going to see today can take your breath away. The intense colors, the disruptive veins, the dazzling brightness or the translucent properties are some of the characteristics that make each natural stone unique and unrepeatable. Today we’re going to show you [...]

DAKE presents the Gutmann’s 2018 new products at TINO Headquarters in Marbella

DAKE presented the latest news of the new Catalog Gutmann 2018, under the slogan: "We are Gutmann". The TINO Natural Stone Headquarter in Marbella has been the last stop of the prestigious brand, after a tour to Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Palma de Mallorca. More information: www.dake.es

Natural stone in skyscrapers (interiors)

Today we are going to analyze the keys to the use of natural stone in skyscrapers. The end consumer tends to reduce the concept of skyscrapers to "steel and concrete", but these architectural colossuses are much more than that. Certainly, the structure of these magnificent buildings consists of reinforced concrete and steel. However, the finishing [...]

Six luxury hotels with marble wall cladding

TINO has worked in many hotels with marble wall cladding, many of these spaces also include marble flooring. Marble wall cladding is not only an ancient technique. Nowadays it is a modern style that you can find in fresh hotels that aspire to a clean and crisp look. The colors of marble wall cladding We [...]

Three architectural projects with yellow marble

We have been involved in a multitude of architectural projects with yellow marble. Our most famous is called Yellow Triana. Yellow marble can be used in different types of buildings such as hotels, singular structures, airports, malls, villas, churches, etc

The art of natural stone custom design

Luxury facilities with Tino’s seal are present in every part of the globe. The materials have been designed and adapted, in each of our works, to the needs of prestigious architects and interior designers, with whom we have been lucky

Luxury areas design of warm and cold colours

When designing high-profile spaces (catering, retail, hospitality …), the colour selection to work with, both from its foundations with the building materials and decoration, is an aspect that must to be looked closely as it defines the client’s personality and

Green marble, delightful material for interior design

If by 2018 Pantone has decided to astonish us with Ultra Violet being the colour of the year, in 2017 they suggested the green, specifically the Greenery. TINO believes that this tonality has an ongoing own space within the luxury architecture and interior design sector, for this reason we show you the possibilities of green [...]

Instagram as a source tool for inspiration in architecture, interior design and decoration

Instagram is the mobile application and trendy social network with more active users in total, specifically 500 million users using this app every day, which already exceeds the amount of 800 million registered users. In recent years new features have been included unseating potential applications such as Snapchat and Vine, reducing their number of active [...]

TINO proposals for luxury bathrooms of natural stone

Nowadays, bathrooms have become a escape for chilling-out and disconnection from the day to day. Spaces where it takes detailed care by incorporating accessories such as towel warmers, jacuzzis or TVs, among many other amenities. The careful selection of materials for the design of bathrooms is essential for superb chill-out areas. Therefore, natural stones such [...]

The bet of marble in dark tones for minimalist kitchens.

Developing kitchen’s design has never been so creative and clean. Today the minimalism of refined spaces remains where the materials used stand out: Marble, wood or metal are the main characters. The kitchen is no longer focused on being a comfortable and functional space, it must also look modern. This modernity is transferred to the [...]

The inclusion of exotic environments remains on the interior design market: From tropical to African touch

For three years now, it is emphasised and maintained a decorative style over others; the freshness of the tropical style. This decorative trend has made an impact by offering colourful, energetic and full of creativity proposals. Fuente: Belgravecrescent.com Fuente: Enclavedeco.com Fuente: Designsponge.com Familiar with the tropical environment, which has submerged part of our lifestyle (music, [...]

Ultra Violet, Pantone colour for 2018

Like every year, Pantone reveals the colour that will run through the 2018 in garments, shop windows, decoration and art. The Ultra Violet colour, defined in Pantone as "inventive and creative" will light up the path of what is about to come. PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet colour evokes the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue [...]

Marble tiles: deco trend for 2018

Houzz, the specialist web portal has written a blog entry to include the 25 deco trends for 2018, where the emphasis on marble tiles is highlighted. The level of customisation that enables marble is quite extense. From floorings and worktops, to fountains, columns or toilets. Therefore it remains one of the key materials in decoration. [...]

Wood in its purest state, one of the trends in interior design for 2018

Wood -a natural and daily living element- has strengthened its presence into the furniture and deco of any environment. Since the Milan Furniture Fair - which is held next April- this material has stood out in its most genuine version: Wood in its purest state, showing its veins off and irregular shapes. Product image: Calacatta [...]

Exquisite SPA with TINO materials at the Ritz – Carlton Moscow hotel

The specialty that characterises our brand is to participate and get involved in projects of great scope, quality and high standing. In them we offer our best materials and bespoke services. Like another example of our work we are showing you the implementation of our Ebano Black and Bianco natural stones at the Spa of [...]

This year Premium Beige becomes the most demanded natural stone in TINO

We are finishing the list of our ten most demanded products for luxury projects with the Premium Beige natural stone. The presence and identity of this material has made it worthy of the number one of the natural stones available in TINO. With barely two months to end the year we will be reviewing our [...]

Yellow Triana natural stone glares at the Mandarin Oriental Miami hotel

Once again, TINO participates in another high-level project contributing with one of most characteristic materials: Yellow Triana natural stone. The hotel chain Mandarin Oriental chose this product in all bathrooms and some rooms in the Spa area, in its pursuit to transmit that characteristic oriental heritage of the brand. The bathrooms of the of the [...]

Atenea White standing out as natural stone on the second place of the TOP 10 most demanded products in TINO

Whiteness purity remains year after year as a fashionable colour in the field of architecture, design or interior design. Atenea White is indeed the second most demanded product for architectural and interior design firms. This product has great versatility to be implemented in various styles of interior design. It combines perfectly with other materials such [...]

TINO’s natural stones beauty at the Bvlgari Hotel London

One of the most prestigious projects of which we are very proud to have participated is the Bvlgari Hotel London. Thanks to the well-known Antonio Citterio Studio we were able to work side by side in this impressive project. TINO’s Footprint is located in Baths and Spa at the Bvlgari Hotel London. The five-star hotel [...]

Grey Osiris in the third place of the most demanded Tino’s products

We embark already in the third place of the most demanded Tino’s products with the Grey Osiris natural stone. This luxury material has become one of the most attractive products for renowned national and international architecture and interior design firms. Grey Osiris has become a highlighted natural stone by its subtle beauty, entitled to be [...]

The majesty of Ebano Black natural stone in suites and rooms at the Ritz Carlton Berlin hotel

Famous hotel chain Ritz Carlton made the project of a new hotel in Berlin in 2006 by architect Peter Silling with interior designer Anja Müller-Penzkofer. The Ritz Carlton Berlin Hotel has 303 rooms, including 39 suites, a presidential suite and a 265 square meter apartment. It is located in the Potsdamer Platz in the city [...]

The serenity of Iceberg White natural stone earns its fourth place among TINO´s most popular products

Iceberg White natural stone’s purity has made it fourth most demanded product by our architectural and interior design deluxe firms partners. On this entry, we are going to discuss the main attractions of this natural stone. Iceberg White gives light and serenity to the environments where it is implemented. This slightly crystalline veined white marble [...]

TINO´s Natural Stone arrives in China at the Four Seasons Guangzhou Hotel

Thousands of kilometres away, TINO Natural Stone’s seal is at one of the most representative hotels in China: Four Seasons Guangzhou hotel. This first class hotel chain and the Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) architectural firm designed this 5 star hotel which opened in 2012. The Four Seasons Guangzhou Hotel is located in Guangzhou, is 412 [...]

Pinterest for architecture and interior design professionals

As one of our goals is to facilitate the work of our collaborators and professionals of architecture and interior design, we have considered to be advantageous to elaborate an entry where the use and possibilities for the sector of the social network Pinterest will be explained. Pinterest as a working and inspiration tool for architects [...]

TINO Natural Stone along the Marbella Promenade

The Marbella promenade is one of the most outstanding leisure areas in the city, both for its citizens and tourists. About 6 kilometres of walk, from Fishing port Bajadilla to Puerto Banus, full of green areas, parks and sports and also refreshments and leisure areas. Our Macael White and Red Travertine natural stones boast 2.5 [...]

Pacific Grey holds the fifth place in our Top 10 most demanded natural stone products

Following our last blogs on our 10 most demanded products by architectural and interior design firms, we are now looking at the 5th product in our ranking: Pacific Grey natural stone. From all the natural stones that we have previously talked about, Pacific Grey is the first grey stone in our list. Its light grey tone and white veins make it suitable for any interior (floors, bathrooms and kitchens), as well [...]

Villa Padierna Palace Hotel. Tuscan elegance in Marbella

Following the last two natural stone products from our Classic line that we have previously featured on the blog- Travertine Classic and Travertine Bianco- we are now presenting a project with a very distinctive style: the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel in Marbella. The Villa Padierna Palace Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in [...]

TINO’s classic natural stone, Travertine Bianco, holds the 6th place in our ‘Top 10’ most demanded products

Among our TOP 10 most popular natural stone products, Travertino Bianco, in its classic style, holds the sixth position. The classic look in natural stone is always highly demanded due to its ever-lasting trend in interior design. When a trend becomes fashion: Natural stones that evoke classic environments, like Travertine Bianco. Like Travertine Classic, which [...]

Tino Natural Stone is covering the Torretriana facade in Seville

From TINO Natural Stone, we work custom-made for any natural stone project that we are commissioned by architectural or interior design firms and both national and international construction companies. On this occasion we have adapted our products for the facade of Torretriana. This building is located on the Isla de la Cartuja (former site of [...]

Travertine Classic, in the seventh most demanded TINO Natural Stone products

In the seventh position of our top 10 natural stones , you can find Travertine Classic, a natural stone of dark beige color and a striped structure. One of the interior design and architecture most used products. And mainly for those projects providing a touch of tradition. Natural stone Travertine Classic is mainly used for [...]

Second Wind Project by James Turrell for Fundación NMAC Montenmedio Arte Contemporáneo

At this time of year leisure is a major part of our holidays, so in TINO Natural Stone we would like to show you a perfect project to visit this summer. The project which we refer to is James Turrell’s ‘Second Wind’ and located within the NMAC Foundation of the Dehesa de Montenmedio in Vejer [...]

Discovering Saint Laurent. In the eighth place of our natural stones top 10

From the eighth position of our TOP 10 Most Demanded Products at the architectural and design firms from TINO Natural Stone, Saint Laurent stands out as the natural stone which brings both warmth and depth to any environment and project. Both Black Dune and Vulcano are unlike to the previous natural stones in its position, [...]

TINO Design Networking 3rd Edition Overview

TINO Design Networking 3rd edition was a complete success. More than 200 personalities from the architecture, construction, interior design and decor sectors of our country and abroad were present, learning about the latest trends in natural stone. At the showroom, the visitors were able to get to know the different models of our natural stone [...]

Our work on the facade of the Ciudad de la Cultura in Santiago de Compostela

In 1999 the Galician Ciudad de la Cultura was created by the Xunta de Galicia with the main purpose of providing the Galician community with a multidisciplinary space for cultural interaction. From this foundation projects competition was proposed to design this space which obtained the proposals of 12 design and architectural projects of national and [...]

TINO Design Networking: A unique opportunity to get to know us better

As a gratitude to our collaborators for their constant professional work and their contribution in the interior design with natural stone, on Thursday, June 22, TINO Natural Stone is celebrating its 3rd "TINO Design Networking” edition. An annual event that brings together the most outstanding professionals from Architecture, Interior Design and Construction in addition to [...]

Discover Black Dune, Nº 9 of our TOP 10 most wanted products at TINO Natural Stone

Two weeks ago we showed you the most demanded natural stone products by the best architectural and interior design studios in the world. As you can see on our website, our products are already part of emblematic luxury hotels, business buildings and luxury villas with national and international presence. In this post we will deep [...]

China Expo Shangai 2010, a worldwide icon

From TINO Natural Stone blog, Today we want to take you up to the the famous Chinese Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo 2010, named and better known as "The Crown of the Orient". This pavilion is representing the Chinese civilization and its modern achievements on the combination of traditional and new elements in its architecture, [...]

Vulcano, Nº 10 of our TOP 10 most popular products in TINO Natural Stone

Two weeks ago we showed you the emerging trends that are used by the best architectural and interior design studios around the world. Our natural stone products are part of building materials for large-scale projects such as hotels, business buildings and luxury villas of the international market. In upcoming posts we will go deeper into [...]

TINO Natural Stone shows off on the facade of Nevada Shopping Centre in Granada

A few months ago, on the 23rd of November, the inauguration of one of the largest Shopping Centres in Europe took place in Granada, Nevada Shopping. This building, sponsored by Tomás Olivo, General de Galerías Comerciales president, has received an investment of over 480 million euros. This large shopping centre, one of the largest in [...]

TINO Natural Stone’s TOP 10 most demanded products

From TINO Natural Stone we show you the new trends in natural stone that are being used in the best architectural and interior design firms all over the world. Our products in natural stone are part of the construction materials for hotel buildings, businesses and luxury villas on the international market. We believe it is [...]

Tino Natural Stone online presence renovation

A new online space at the service of professionals who demand our products and services in natural stone. Committed to provide our customers needs, we revamp our brand image and online presence with a new website, more functional and attractive. "The TINO experience" expands itself on the Internet showing a visual and interactive experience, in [...]

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Panama dresses up with the exclusive materials of TINO Natural Stone.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Panama offers a touch of luxury and elegance to this beautiful destination, sharing space with a wide range of exclusive materials like Tino's Crema Premium or Nublado light honed in its more than 225 rooms and 80 residences. More than 19 types of Natural Stone make up the common areas of this luxurious hotel. [...]

TINO Natural Stone builds the Hospitality and Catering School in Algiers, Algeria.

TINO the built of the Hospitality and Catering School of Algiers, Algeria. The building is clad with a modern ventilated facade, using the revolutionary "Honeycomb" system, in which panels of honeycomb aluminum and limestone are combined in a thickness of 8mm. This system dramatically reduces the weight of the stone, facilitating its handling and installation and increasing its mechanical [...]

British artist Richard Long visits TINO Natural Stone

Londoner artist Richard Long has visited our facilities today, in order to use our raw materials for his next masterpiece. Richard Long is one of the leading representatives of Land Art. Share:   Tweet

Nueva obra en Nueva Zelanda utilizando Honeycomb

Tino Natural Stone actualmente está ejecutando un edificio de 2.680 m2 en Nueva Zelanda, utilizando honeycomb, una innovadora forma de colocar fachadas. Gracias a sus altas prestaciones mecánicas se pueden conseguir formatos de gran tamaño (3 m x 1.5 m), permitiendo así expresar al máximo la belleza de la piedra utilizada como es el material [...]

Tino participates in a project in New Zealand by the hand of the innovative product “Honeycomb”

Tino Natural Stone currently is running a building of 2,680 m2 in New Zealand, using honeycomb, an innovative way of placing facades. Thanks to its high mechanical performance you can get large formats (3 m x 1.5 m), allowing the most express the beauty of stone used as Moka Tino material. With a quick installation [...]

Tino presents new products for 2016-2017 in their Madrid Showroom

Last Thursday, January 21st, TINO Natural Stone presented the launch of its new products (unique textures, use of nanotechnology, development of lightweight architecture) in their Madrid Showroom. The launch gathered prestigious architects, interior designers and decorators, who were given the opportunity to see the new collection that is contemplated in the company's new development plan. The launch of new products will be the main [...]

Hotel Santa Marta is committed to the quality of natural stone on its ventilated facade

TINO Natural Stone, exceeding expectations in each of its projects, applies the quality of natural stone to the 31,000 m2 of ventilated facade that we are currently implementing on Hotel Santa Marta, Estepona. Using the natural soft tone of its product Crema Real. The project is located in the Costa del Sol. Share:   Tweet

We are proud to present to you the daily evolution of the construction of the Hotel Ritz Carlton Marbella.

We are proud to present to you the daily evolution of the construction of the Hotel Ritz Carlton Marbella, where Tino is fully involved both in the supply and installation of stone. We remain on track. Enjoy the view! Share:   Tweet

The luxurious 5-Star Hotel One Tower Bridge (London) chooses our Black Dune natural stone.

Just minutes away from the most exciting city in the world, is the luxurious 5-star hotel ONE TOWER BRIDGE (London). Built with the utmost elegance, Tino used 740 m2 of its most outstanding materials such as Black Dune, a material with the style corresponding to a hotel with such spatial characteristics, which makes its appeal even greater. [...]

Marble Awards

From TINO Natural Stone we want to transmit our most sincere congratulations to our winners of the XXIX Edition of the Macael Award: International Award for Latin America. Awarded to: Anacanoa Residential Tower. Santo Domingo. Presented by Mrs. Susana Díaz Pacheco, Presidenta de la Junta de Andalucía. Collected by Mr. Jesús Rodríguez Sandoval, promotor. International [...]

Tino Natural Stone makes the tallest residential building in the Caribbean: Anacaona Tower

Tino Natural Stone works on the tallest residential building in the Caribbean, Anacaona 27. Creating a new benchmark for quality of living standards in the second decade of the 21st century. An extensive program reveals five levels of social areas, including a wellness club, private theater, gym, pool, events space, etc. The luxury apartments, of 600, [...]

Tino uses Axapta to encompass the management of customers, logistics and finances

Tino Natural Stone seeks to improve its ability in information management with the support AXAPTA. Axapta is a Microsoft product, which includes management tools such as Customer, Logistics and Financial Management. Share:   Tweet

Partnership with Best Cheer Stone Group

This past October, a collaboration agreement between the company BCS Best Cheer Stone Inc. and Tino Natural Stone has been signed, to develop the strengths that both companies have in the world of natural stone, like the Tino brand, product differentiation, production capacity, etc. Both companies work with the common goal of progress towards more [...]

Tino in one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella

Private property with one of the best residencies. A magnificent 900 hectares of private land. Tino makes use of attractive materials in luxury beauty, fulfilling dreams, shaping feelings through exclusive materials like retro illuminated Onyx, Calacatta Oro, among others, as well as many custom mosaics. Tino designs a world for you. Share:   Tweet