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Non-slip finishes for marble and natural stone

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Non-slip finishes for marble and natural stone

Non-slip finishes for marble and natural stone are applied to floor coverings to prevent users from slipping.

They are especially useful in spaces with swimming pools, bathrooms or other places that for some reason can get wet and the surface becomes slippery.

Anti-slip floors are usually related to artificial materials or materials of poor quality in their composition or aesthetics. Examples of this are gresite, vinyl floors or even materials to which a layer of non-slip paint is applied.

The examples mentioned above, however, differ from marble in several respects:

+ Marble has a great beauty

+ It is a natural stone

Arenado - Sandblasted

TINO Natural Stone makes it possible to apply non-slip finishes to marble and natural stone. Let’s have a  look at three examples.

Sandblasted anti-slip finish for marble

The sandblasted finish for marble and natural stone provides a surface with a smooth granular relief.

The final result is a finely dotted base with a rough  surface that nevertheless maintains its uniformity in texture.

Non-slip - marble - finishes - Acabados - antideslizantes - mármol

Macael White marble with sandblasted finish has been used for both the coronation stone and the surrounding pavement of this pool. Resistance and roughness are not at odds with beauty or quality.

Visit the sandblasted finish page to find out more >

ZERO anti-slip finish for marble

Terraza de mármol Crema Premium - Marbella VI - Premium Beige marble terrace

The ZERO finish for marble and natural stone gives the surface of the material a slightly granular and matt appearance.

The resulting surface highlights the color, especially in dark tones.

In the image, we can see the subtle anti-slip result of ZERO. The final texture consists of a soft granulate very uniform and matt.

Visit the ZERO Finish page to find out more >

Flamed anti-slip finish for marble

Acabado flameado antideslizante - Piscina - Pool - Anti-slip flamed finish

The flamed finish for marble and natural stone gives the rock a rough, vitreous and very natural appearance.

The stone acquires a rough aspect in which soft mounds and depressions alternate and softly curl the surface avoiding the danger of slipping.

The designer of this indoor pool has selected a beautiful natural stone in cream tones with a flamed anti-slip finish — elegance, and practicality in equal parts.

Visit the Flamed Finish page to find out more >

Do you want to apply non-slip finishes for marble and natural stone to your project? Contact us >

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