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Pacific Grey holds the fifth place in our Top 10 most demanded natural stone products

Aug , 22
Pacific Grey holds the fifth place in our Top 10 most demanded natural stone products

Following our last blogs on our 10 most demanded products by architectural and interior design firms, we are now looking at the 5th product in our ranking: Pacific Grey natural stone.

From all the natural stones that we have previously talked about, Pacific Grey is the first grey stone in our list. Its light grey tone and white veins make it suitable for any interior (floors, bathrooms and kitchens), as well as outdoor areas (claddings and gardens).

Pacific Grey natural stone brings sobriety and balance to any environment.

The colour grey -just like white and cream- has become a popular neutral colour in interior design. Therefore, Pacific Grey is ranked number five of our most demanded products. This natural stone always brings sobriety and balance, and is perfect for any project of great magnitude.

Here are some images of projects in which Pacific Grey has been implemented.

Like all of the products in our natural stone collection, this material can be customised with any of the available finishings: Polished, honed and sandblasted. We recommend the polished finish for this type of natural stone, as it enhances its beauty and its natural streaks. Also available are the innovative  Classic Collection finishes: Antico, Domus and Forum, which are all suitable for this material.

The easy maintenance and adaptability Pacific Grey offers to any project has brought it to number 5 of the most demanded products.

Undoubtedly, Pacific Grey is one of the natural stones that can be adapted to any project. Its colour makes it easy to combine with other materials, such as wood, and allows you to create great environments.

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