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Marble Awards

Nov , 10
Marble Awards

From TINO Natural Stone we want to transmit our most sincere congratulations to our winners of the XXIX Edition of the Macael Award:

  • International Award for Latin America. Awarded to: Anacanoa Residential Tower. Santo Domingo.

Presented by Mrs. Susana Díaz Pacheco, Presidenta de la Junta de Andalucía.

Collected by Mr. Jesús Rodríguez Sandoval, promotor.

  • International Award for Africa. Awarded to: University of Algiers. Algeria.

Presented by Mr. Juan Pablo Durán Sánchez, Presidente del Parlamento de Andalucía.

Collected by Mr. Ángel Hernández Espada. Architect.

It is an honor to have been involved in these projects and we hope this is the first of many successes together.

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