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How to protect a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces?

Jan , 14
How to protect a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces?

It is essential to focus on prevention when protecting a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces. Only once it is clear how to avoid future damage to the stone, we can effectively address the maintenance strategy.

Is every surface protected the same way?

The answer is no. Each material is its own world, and other circumstances such as location are equally important to be taken into account as it is not the same if the natural stone is located near the water in a bathroom, a kitchen countertop, or an outdoor pavement.

Next, we will see how to protect marble and natural stone in a bathroom. However, our specialists at TINO Stone Care recommend to evaluate the maintenance needs on a case-by-case basis.

Protecting a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces

Muebles de mármol y piedra natural - Marble and natural stone furniture

First, we are carrying out a mineralogical analysis of the stone and generating a study of the use that the stone will be exposed to (volume of passage, exposure to water, etc.). Then, we are going to suggest a preventive treatment in order to improve the material’s resistance to staining and moisture oxidation. Finally, we are preparing the stone to facilitate its cleaning and maintenance.

Pared baño Ónix retroiluminado - Villa Cullinan - Backlit onyx wall bathroom

The goal of the preventive treatment is to minimize the absorption capacity of the stone and to improve its behavior against staining. We achieve the latter by increasing the exposure time to which the stone can be exposed to a spilled agent whitout being negatively affected. By reducing the absorption capacity of the material, we also reduce the risk of oxidation.

Chus Fernández - Entrevista

To reduce the absorption capacity of the stone:

1) A special descaling brush, harmless to the stone, is carried out to remove the dirt adhered to the surface.

2) An oil-waterproofing treatment is applied to water-sensitive areas such as worktops, shower trays, shower panels.

Iceberg White shower - Villa VIII- Ducha de mármol Blanco Iceberg

The exclusive TINO Natural Stone oil-waterproofing product is unique because it does not create a completely waterproof sheet that obstructs the rock. Instead, it respects the permeability required by the stone to avoid future alterations due to clogging.

Daily maintenance protocol for a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces

How to protect a bathroom with marble or natural stone surfaces? - ¿Cómo proteger un baño con superficies de mármol o piedra natural?

Cleaning in the bathroom area should be carried out in wet conditions because of the need to sanitize the stone and remove any deposits of lime, soaps, or other substances. For this purpose, we should use “non-abrasive” but efficient cleaning elements:

+Special white washcloth for bathrooms.

+Neutral detergents such as those elaborated by TINO (sanitizer, descaler, special TINO for bathrooms, etc.).

It is very important to avoid bleach, anti-lime, ammonia, acid, or alkaline detergents.  After cleaning, it is essential to rinse and then dry the entire surface to avoid any marks.

In areas where the “calcareous hardness” of the water is high, NEUTRAL sanitizing and descaling detergents are recommended, which will help eliminate the deposits that the water may produce during its evaporation.

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