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Sandblasted finish

TINO Natural Stone


The sandblasted finish of marble and natural stone provides a surface with a smooth granular relief.

The final result is a finely dotted base with a rough surface that nevertheless maintains uniformity in texture.

Arenado - Sandblasted

From a chromatic point of view, it presents a slightly worn color as well as grooves.

Blanco Macael arenado - Sandblasted Macael White
Blanco Macael arenado - Sandblasted Macael White

Obtaining the sandblasted

The sandblasting process consists of exposing the surface of marble or natural stone to a sandblast of siliceous sand or high-pressure steel to do a gentle abrasion. The flow rate, speed, and pressure of the abrasive elements can be calibrated according to the desired final effect.

Recommended uses

In interiors, although it can be used, it is not usually being applied due to its rough texture.

In exteriors, its application is possible in any coating, be it facades or pavements.

Which natural stones can be sandblasted?.

Marble, limestone, and quartzite for cladding allow this type of finish. From an aesthetic point of view, the ability of this finish to challenge tones and striations must be taken into account.

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