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The solution for marble with yellow stains

Aug , 20
The solution for marble with yellow stains

As we already explained in our sections of recovery, renovation or restoration of marble, the solution for marble with yellow stains will depend on the cause of the pathology.

We will not treat in the same way a marble in an interior area with yellow spots caused by a leak of water compared to a marble in an exterior area which has suffered degradation over time.

Prevention as part of the solution for marble with yellow stains

An important factor to take into account is prevention actions. Oftentimes the specialist in marble maintenance solves the issue of the stain but does not correct the origin of the pathology.  In many cases, preventive actions that prepare the stone not to stain anymore in the future or at least to stain much less, are not carried out after the initial intervention.

In the following section, we will take a look at a case of success in which an Arabesco Macael White marble fountain recovers its original beauty after years of accumulation of yellowish spots.

Stained marble fountain

Manchas amarillas mármol - Marble yellow stains

When planning the restoration strategy, the solution for marble with yellow stains was defined by the previous study of the surface to be treated that the team of TINO Stone Care realized.

The fountain had been deteriorating for many years due to environmental and climatological factors.

Action plan

A corrective treatment was suggested with the goal to return the stone to its original beauty as well as preventive treatment to immunize it as much as possible against future stains. Finally, a maintenance protocol was recommended.

Restauración de mármol blanco

Corrective treatment for marble with yellow stains

To remove dirt and other agents embedded for years, a texture brushing, a sanitizing and descaling cleaning was applied in situ and the stone the stone was mechanically polished.

The marble products that were used have been developed by TINO Natural Stone and they guarantee the safety of the stone being highly efficient in the elimination of different types of dirt.

Preventive treatment for marble with yellow stains

In order to protect marble from future stains as much as possible, the absorption capacity of the stone was reduced by an oleo-hydrophobic treatment.

The product that was used, also developed by TINO Natural Stone, is able to minimize the absorption of natural stone while respecting the permeability required.

Restauración de Mármol Blanco Macael Arabesco

Maintenance of marble and natural stone


TINO Stone Care provided the the owner of the fountain a personalized maintenance protocol taking into account the fountain’s exterior location as well as its level of usage.


To guarantee an adequate level of maintenance TINO recommended the most advanced maintenance products, sophisticated cleaning instruments, and cleaning systems, but also suggested the avoidance of corrosive products.

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