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The TINO’s marble and natural stone blog in 2020

Dec , 31
The TINO’s marble and natural stone blog in 2020

2020 has been a different year in almost every professional sector. However, at TINO, we have put every effort in continuing to offer quality content about natural stone also in times of the pandemic.

Below is a summary of the articles we have published during this year. We are looking forward to starting 2021 with even more quality content. Happy New Year! 

Villa Cullinan, one of our outstanding projects

Pared ducha Ónix retroiluminado - Villa Cullinan - Backlit onyx wall shower

Between the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, we have had the pleasure of completing a large number of excellent projects. One of them is the impressive Villa Cullinan in Marbella.

TINO Natural Stone participated as an expert in natural stone in this brand new luxury residence in La Zagaleta (Marbella), the most iconic enclave of the Costa del Sol.

Amongst the many pieces of natural stone provided by TINO, the backlit onyx walls of the bathroom and the living room, the solid marble bathtub, or the omnipresent Premium Beige of the indoor and outdoor coatings and floors stand out.

We interviewed two great interior design professionals

In 2020 TINO’s blog published two interviews with two reference professionals in Interior Design.

Chus Fernández - Entrevista

Chus Fernández is a technical architect and interior designer of reference in the Costa del Sol. Since 1.999, she has developed the free profession, going through different professional stages, specializing in Reforms, Interior Design, and Decoration.

Interview Raquel Oliva

Raquel Oliva is Vice President of Oliva Iluminación and has recently launched Sahara, a magnificent collection of lamps in which TINO participated by contributing the Stonesize natural backlit stone.

The future of large format natural stone is already here

Alternativa natural al porcelánico de gran formato - a natural alternative to large format porcelain

Do you think that only porcelain is available for large format? It is not! There is an alternative in natural stone up to 2900 x 1450 mm.

Large-format porcelain, especially those that imitate stone, were used until now because there was no natural alternative. However, Stonesize now offers ultra-light and ultra-resistant natural stone panels with the same features as large-format porcelain.

 Taking care of the health and beauty of natural stone

Tino Stone Care is the division of TINO Natural Stone in charge of looking after the health and beauty of the natural stone. The Stone Care division works side by side with our R+D+I department developing specific solutions for the care of natural stone.

This year our specialists have shared the following case studies in the TINO blog:

Pulir un suelo de mármol - Polishing a marble floor

Polishing a marble floor respecting the nature and integrity of the stone. The polishing brings a reduction in the porosity of the stone, which helps to increase its ability to repel stains and attack from external agents. However, some of the existing techniques for polishing a marble floor can become too aggressive.

TINO Stone Care has also shared two articles. One was about sanitizing and treating on an indoor marble floor, and the other was about how to treat an outdoor marble floor. The cleaning of a marble floor after a construction or renovation is often underestimated. If we want the floor to remain beautiful and healthy, we must rely on a specialist in natural stone care.

Cleaning of marble after construction or refurbishment - Limpieza de mármol después de una obra o reforma

For these cases a classic domestic cleaning does not work, we must call an expert to carry out the cleaning and caring of that floor in order to put it in use. During this process, the specialist will consider the function the stone is going to have once the work is completed and prepare the surface to avoid damage caused by the environment, such as exposure to humidity.

Limpieza de una terraza con suelo de mármol después de una obra o reforma - Cleaning a marble floor terrace after construction work or renovation

The last post of TINO Stone Care describes another practical case with the solution for marble oxidation.

Solución para la oxidación del mármol - Solution for marble oxidation

When a yellowish stain appears on a kitchen or bathroom countertop due to marble oxidation, the owner tends to think that it is irreparable damage. However, fortunately, there is a solution. Also, we can often think that the material with which the piece is made is defective, but it does not have to be so.

Quartzite was and will continue to be a trend

Quartzite is a trend, and everything points to the fact that it will continue to be so over the next few years.

Tipos de cuarcita para interiorismo y arquitectura - Quartzite types for architecture and interior design

To the spectacular beauty and chromatic variety of these stones, we must add their high resistance to abrasion, stains, and chemical agents. This type of rock has nothing to envy to artificial porcelain. Therefore, in addition to being a beautiful natural material for covering rooms, it also behaves excellently on worktops.

Cocina - Encimera - Blanco- Macaubas - White - Coutertop - Kitchen

You can learn more about quartzite for architecture and interior design in our post about the types of quartzite that exist or in the article in which we already mentioned that quartzite is a trend.

Thick veins are still strong

Mármol con vetas gruesas -

Marble with thick veins is being highly demanded.  Its great expressive force is making its way amongst the very widespread homogeneous or discreetly veined stones.

Architects and interior designers who opt for the use of marble with thick veins in their projects seek to make the most of the unique and unrepeatable play of contrasts that only natural stone can offer.

Nor could we forget the limestone

Tipos de piedra caliza - Types of limestone

During this 2020, we have also talked about the different types of limestone that exist and their characteristics.

Natural stone in the Mediterranean style

Piedra natural en el estilo mediterráneo - Natural stone in Mediterranean style

Including natural stone in the Mediterranean style is like creating a beautiful harmonic circle where everything fits together.

The sea, the sand, the sun, and the breeze, everything in the maritime environment, invite the senses’ enjoyment.  Natural stone enhances every sensation like no other material.

In this article, we visited some of the TINO projects carried out on the Mediterranean Sea’s shores and in which stone has contributed to making them unique and inimitable sites.

Solid travertine bathtub: a unique sculpture at home

Bañera maciza de travertino - Bloque - Block - Solid travertine bathtub

We finish our tour with a sculpture: A solid travertine bathtub.

A timeless piece that brings warmth, nature, beauty, and distinction to your home. The procedure followed by TINO Natural Stone to obtain this unique bathtub is practically artisan, bringing finishes without comparison.

This is the summary of TINO’s blog posts during 2020. As we mentioned initially, we are looking forward to starting 2021 with even more content. Happy New Year!