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TINO’s marble and natural stone blog in 2018

Dec , 28
TINO’s marble and natural stone blog in 2018

Many readers have written to congratulate us on our marble and natural stone blog. With this last post of the year, we want to thank all of you following and reading us every day. Also, we take the opportunity to highlight the work of the team of TINO specialists which is the basis for the content we share in our corporate platforms.

Thus, we can think of no better way than to close 2018 summarizing everything we have written throughout this year.

During 2018 our marble and natural stone blog published 48 posts distributed in 9 thematic blocks: interiors, luxury, hospitality sector, large projects, bathrooms, kitchens, exteriors, colors, and added value. Let’s see below how each block was approached.


TINO Natural Stone has participated in countless projects related to interior architecture. Living rooms, fireplaces, staircases, floors, and walls; nothing resists the charm of marble or stone.

In close collaboration with renowned architects and interior designers, we can say that we create trends for interiors.


Marble and natural stone are excellent materials that, together with the appropriate finishes, can dress the most exclusive environments.

Great luxury residential and hospitality projects carry the DNA of TINO in their stone cladding. It doesn’t matter if its character is classic or avant-garde. Neither if the style is minimalist or full of exoticism.

What is fundamental is that the client dreams without restrictions, because the TINO team is in charge of materializing it and making it a reality.

Hotel sector

TINO Natural Stone has participated in interiors and exteriors of famous hotel groups such as Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Bulgari, Sheraton, Mandarin Oriental or Hyatt among many others.

Wonderful lobbies succumb to the kind that prints marble. Rooms and suites transmit comfort and well-being through materials such as travertine or marble with a wood look. Spas that include onyx in their coatings play in another league. 

Large projects

TINO has also participated in large projects, and that’s why we wanted to share them on our marble and natural stone blog. The type of use, the volume of passage and the fact of being outside or inside are just some of the many aspects to consider when applying a natural material in colossal constructions.

Congress centers and fairgrounds are eminently practical spaces that should suggest progress, growth, and design. The same applies to airport terminals, which welcome and bid farewell to visitors to the city.  Shopping centers must be able to immerse their users in long, beautiful and pleasant walks. The titanic skyscrapers also want to pass on the power of the company headquarters it houses inside.


The versatility of marble and natural stone when dressing bathrooms is unmatched. The bathroom is the space dedicated to well-being par excellence, and the stone contributes to creating the best possible environment.

We can use marble for the worktops, sculptural washbasins, wrap-around showers, and also for the bathtubs.


Beyond the worktops, there is a world full of ideas and colors that make kitchens a unique place to live and share.


A blog of marble and natural stone would not make sense without a section dedicated to exteriors. The ventilated facades deserve special attention because of their beauty as well as their cutting-edge technology and the benefits they provide from an energy saving and optimization point of view.

On the other hand, a universe of exterior elements covered with stone such as porches, terraces, swimming pools, and floors complete the contents destinated for the use of the open space.


A natural material such as stone gives us an endless number of colors and tones. In 2018, TINO’s Blog, through its specialists, has analyzed some projects in which color was the protagonist.

Added value

TINO Natural Stone has a sizeable R+D department and a team of specialist technicians with extensive experience in work and care of marble and natural stone.

In addition, we have TINO Stone Care, the division of TINO dedicated to the care and maintenance of stone. Thanks to them, in the blog we have been able to publish articles focused on the permanence of the health and beauty of stone over the years.

After all, it is precisely the added value that makes TINO a benchmark company in its sector.

Thank you for joining us this year and reading our marble and natural stone blog.

 Let’s continue together in 2019!