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Travertine interior flooring

Apr , 19
Travertine interior flooring

Travertine interior flooring is to floors what linen is to clothing, leather is to accessories or pearls are to jewelry. It is a natural stone that, without losing its validity, is capable of transporting us to remote times in which all the materials were worked in a handmade way.


In the images above we see a sample of Travertine Bianco and Travertine Classic respectively.

The use of travertine, an eternal and mediterranean practice

Some of the most important monuments in the history of architecture were built in travertine marble.

Coliseo Romano Travertino
Fontana di Trevi Travertino

The largest building in the world made of this material is the Colosseum in Rome. It was built at the time of the Julius-Claudian dynasty. This lineage was a great promoter of architecture in general and of the introduction of this material in the great buildings of the Roman Empire.

Another emblematic example of the use of travertine is the Fontana di Trevi, also located in the Eternal City and one of the most beautiful fountains in the world. Completed in 1762, this emblematic Italian Baroque work was initially designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, carried out by Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Panini.

Plancha de travertino - Traverine slab

A piece of history in your interior project

Travertine is once again a trend due to its natural colors and textures, and it is so thanks to the elaborated reinterpretations carried out by renowned architects and interior designers of our times. However, even in its most avant-garde designs, this natural stone exhales a most profound classicism.

Installing travertine interior flooring promotes elegance, eclecticism and increases the tangible value of the building. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Bathroom with travertine flooring

Bañera de Travertino - Domus - Travertine bathtub

Travertine has the ability to evoke the classic era even in minimalist designs.

In this case, both the bath and the floor are made of Travertine Classic and finished DOMUS. The designer has also integrated some pieces of the same material into the wall.

Living room with travertine flooring


TINO Natural Stone participated in the living room of this luxury house wearing its floors also with Travertine Classic and DOMUS finish.

This natural stone can combine greatness, good taste and comfort in the same space.

Jacuzzi with travertine flooring

Jacuzzi con suelos de travertino - Jacuzzi with travertine flooring

The warmth of wood blends with the visual comfort of Travertine Classic. The bare feet enjoy, before and after the bath, the sensation of walking on completely natural and skin-friendly materials.

Hall with travertine flooring

Another great example of travertine flooring in interiors can be seen in this magnificent and luminous hall.

The clarity of the stone seduces the eye and the touch. This type of flooring makes this room a pleasant place to receive and bid farewell to visitors.

TINO participated in this project with Travertine Classic and a FORUM finishing.

Living room with travertine flooring

This idyllic place is located in the Gran Hotel Bahía Real Atlantis, in Corralejo (Las Palmas).

This is a waiting, reading or resting area in which TINO participated by combining Marquina Black marble and Travertine Classic (DOMUS finish).

The African-style woods, the large windows, the vegetal ornamentation and the tricolor natural stone flooring enhance the tropical and holiday character of this magnificent space.

Kitchen with travertine flooring

Finally, we would like to show you this fully equipped kitchen with a beautiful floor of Classic Travertine and DOMUS finish.

The warm color of the stone blends perfectly with the rest of the shades ranging from broken white to chocolate.

Remember that our exclusive Classic collection accentuates the beauty of this unique stone.

Classic Collection

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